Bike Birthday Cake

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We’ve been sent these shots of a mountain biker’s birthday cake with a difference. This cake (a rich chocolate torte covered in white chocolate icing) was made for Kimmo Evans a.k.a. Goose, a keen mountain biker of Axe Valley Pedallers, based in Seaton, East Devon.

Looks good enough to eat. Oh... you can

Lesley is the cake’s creator and as well as being a dietitian and fellow club member, just happens to be an ex-dessert chef…
“Goose is the instigator of many of the more dubious activities of the group and his hip flask and jelly beans are always to hand during a long ride. Members of the club would like to wish him a Happy 40th Birthday.”

A happy Goose with his cake.



So now you know what to ask for when it’s your birthday next…

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