Bike Birthday Cake

by Chipps 11

We’ve been sent these shots of a mountain biker’s birthday cake with a difference. This cake (a rich chocolate torte covered in white chocolate icing) was made for Kimmo Evans a.k.a. Goose, a keen mountain biker of Axe Valley Pedallers, based in Seaton, East Devon.

Looks good enough to eat. Oh... you can

Lesley is the cake’s creator and as well as being a dietitian and fellow club member, just happens to be an ex-dessert chef…
“Goose is the instigator of many of the more dubious activities of the group and his hip flask and jelly beans are always to hand during a long ride. Members of the club would like to wish him a Happy 40th Birthday.”

A happy Goose with his cake.



So now you know what to ask for when it’s your birthday next…

Comments (11)

  1. I’ll be 40 next month but will be unlikely to see more than a smarties or Ben 10 cake – no bad thing maybe as I doubt I’d have the heart to cut into such a masterpiece!

  2. How very realistic, I’d be interested to know what those jelly beans were made of.

  3. Spectacular. Too good to cut! Well done and Happy 40th.

  4. That cake is awesome!

    Happy Birthday Goose!

  5. “I’d be interested to know what those jelly beans were made of.”

    Very good!

  6. I couldnt even draw that let alone make it into a cake, its brilliant

  7. Imagine his surprise when he cut it open to find a spare inner tube, an extra layer, a multi tool, some tyre levers, a map & compass, a space blanket….

  8. …all made of marzipan 🙂

  9. Brilliant! deffo a crime to cut it, but, it is chocolate!?!?!? 8-))

  10. Nice job. My wife got me a Yeti 575 cake for my 35th. Wouldn’t let anybody eat it I was so proud of it…

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