Midweek Mini Movies 83

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It’s ok – January is nearly over and in just a couple of months you’ll be able to have daylight before and after work. In the meantime we’re working with you to keep the coals burning and – most importantly – it’s all in your bosses time (if you’re self employed, enjoy your billing for the next hour or so even more).

We’ve got the normal mishmash of  Mountain, concrete, snow, loam and handrails, and Matt has insisted on some white girl crunk …..

Anyway, we’ll start off with a bit of an emotional one – we got this email from Jon Burns the other day, talking about his friend Gareth Hobson:

“Last year a friend of mine and his wife gave up work for a year to move to Canada for a year of biking, climbing and Skiing. After spending a couple of months biking around Whistler they set off for a road trip around the U.S. Unfortunately during this time he had a climbing accident and sadly passed away in November.  I got hold of his hard drive last week and put a film together with footage he’d taken on his Go-Pro.”

It’s a real tribute to spending your life doing the things you love, with the people you love.

More life affirming stuff now from Joey Schusler and friends travelling the US in their bus of fun. I want to say something positive about this, but I can’t. I resent them their youth, the massive scenery and the joy. Cheers to Iain for the tip…

We always thought people who were obsessed with tubs were a little bit odd, like glue sniffers that have found a semi-productive place in society and an outlet for their damaging hobby. This video from Geax really doesn’t help with that image. Headless XC riders? Mad scientists? Yup.

We can’t decide whether riding in snow actually is fun or just looks fun. It probably depends on how well insulated you are, but this pair of riders on no-springer bikes seem to be having fun in the winter of Southern BC…

People have been saying shit for a long, long time, but it’s only since the invention of internet that they’ve been able to turn the shit they say into internet video memes. Following on from such viral hits as ‘Shit wookies say‘ the gentlemen of NSMB.com bring you ‘Shit mountain bikers say’.

Here’s a short and sweet edit featuring the fastest cardigan wearer in The Valley on some frozen trails…


Matt’s video arts and crafts section

Nathan Willams… Boom!

Before you complain, it’s got Skating at Burnside – It’s got girls skating and it’s got a big old Bass Line .Winner!

If you’ve seen anything that’s blown your mind out of your ears, then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and it could make it’s way up here. Big thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions…

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  1. The first vid is spine tinglingly good

    The last vid is a tad less inspirational : /

    STW is first stop to experience the rich and varied tapestry of life – thanks!

  2. thumbs up with my thumbs up when i thumbs up the ‘Shit mountain bikers say’

  3. Dusty in this office!

  4. It’s a real tribute to spending your life doing the things you love, with the people you love.

    amen to that…

  5. R.I.P. Gareth. A great man.

  6. I was a bit worried about the boys in the Nathan Willams video as they were not wearing there helmets!

  7. where was gareth from? he looks like a guy i knew from school.

  8. No springer bikes, what are those forky things up front

  9. Here, here Matt – Gareth will be sorely missed.

    Philfive, not 100% sure of where he was from, but has lived in Sheffield since 1997ish.

  10. i’d like to think the last vid was done tongue-in-cheek, yet i fear it’s not…..

  11. Sooo stoked with these vids…

  12. As a “hard, unfeeling bastard” that first video has just moved me to the brink of tears.

  13. Wow first vid was inspirational nice pick for the mid week movies guys.

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