Stocking Thrillers Day Five

by Matt Letch 2

Before we break for the weekend, we’ve got our final trio of stocking stuffing suggestions for you – and not a pony in sight.

LEZYNE Tech Floor Drive ABS pump

Take the pressure out of changing tyres next year! New Air Bleed System chuck. 160psi achievable from polished CNC alloy barrel. Sturdy composite matrix base with large diameter gauge and 120cm premium hose. Crafted solid wood handle. Available in Blue, Red, Gold or Silver.

Price: £44.99

From: Upgrade

Ashima AI rotor

The incredibly strong, yet super light AiRotor now looks even better. The distinctive design (spotted on Team Merida’s World-Cup winning bikes) is now available with Black/Blue/Gold/Red and White arms. The braking surface is machined, so as not to compromise braking performance. Add some stylish good looks to your bike, with Ashima AiRotors.

Price: £29.99

From: Zyro

Cube Socks

One of your goals every Christmas is to try to find unique gifts for your family and friends. Normally you don’t want to give them… socks. But this time….

CUBE Teamline ankle socks, Teamline quarter socks or All Mountain half cuff socks are the best you can find.


From: Cube Bikes

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  1. “The incredibly strong, yet super light AiRotor”
    Hope you’re right just about to fit one to my bike.

  2. Doh! forgot comments doesn’t do forum code.

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