Stocking Thrillers Day 17

by Matt Letch 7

Hurry hurry hurry! Just a few days left!!

Mills Physio

First off we have a great offer from Mills Physio – Ali Mills, the new Physio and Pilates Guru for Singletrack Magazine, is offering sweet torture physiotherapy vouchers to get you back up on your feet and give you the core strength of a pole dancer.

“A mountain biker will spend a fortune on things for their bike so how about a gift for their body? An MOT with a physiotherapist who has skills and knowledge specific to bike riders. The hour can be spent assessing and treating an injury, having a general stretching session, learning techniques to strengthen key riding muscles, a core workout (using a pilates reformer/trapeze) or even a deep tissue massage.

So at £35 for a 1:1 session it’s a bargain.”

Join up the pins and there's a face of a old Lady or beautiful young Woman depending on how you look at it.

Ali (Mills Physiotherapy) is based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Ali Mills MCSP HPC
Mills Physiotherapy
07780 901 493

Planet X

Socks! – If I was selling socks I’d also offer a discounted toe nail cutter with them (or maybe that would be detrimental to sock sales ?). Toe boxes last longer with neat nails.. £5.99 for Coolmax and £6.99 for Merino.

If you're a bit OCD don't look -it's an odd number of socks....

Available here

Smart Lights

Great value front and rear light set perfect for everyday commuting.

Front light features :

Model: Lunar 25
Super-bright 25 Lux brightness
Long runtime up to 7 hrs high beam, up to 14 hrs low beam and up to 20 hrs flashing
Long-life 2AA alkaline batteries included
Super tough construction to withstand extreme weather conditions
Easily adjusted 3 point bracket fits different sized bars with a single screw
Quick release lets you add or remove light in seconds

Rear light Features :

Model: Lunar R
Ultra-visible with up to 1 mile visibility
Long runtime up to 50 hrs steady and up to 100 hrs flashing
Long-life 2AAA alkaline batteries included
Super tough construction withstands extreme weather conditions
Easily adjusted bracket mounts with a single screw
Versatile belt clip, seatpost and seatstay mounts included

£19.99, reduced from £55.99.

"Make it big make it bold ! Get yourself seen!!!'

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  1. Day 18 – Spotty Ass Cream! 1litre pot.

  2. Someone can’t count socks either!!

  3. How long until large brown STW socks are back in stock? That’s the sock action I crave!

  4. That’s not a spot – it’s a bit of my psoriasis – Want to see the elbows?

  5. I counted ten socks, am i OCD??

  6. That’s a terrible logo for Ali Mills, if she’s interested in have a new identity done my email is in my profile 😉

    Looks like a sketch of your bum with ‘ills’ next to it – is it a visual pun. She cures ‘bum ills’

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