Fresh Goods Friday

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time to have a rummage through the post box and see what’s landed for us to take a look at this week…

Bike Trumps

No, not what happens if you had too many beers with the curry the night before, but the enjoyable and deeply competitive game beloved of boys (and girls) the world over. Made by the Rough Ride Guide, the cards feature 36 classic bikes, from the Raleigh Mag Burner to the Honda RN-01 downhill bike. You’ll have to compete on categories such as weight, price, suspension and number made. Perfect for passing time over the Christmas holidays…

Price: £4.49 (2 for 1 offer currently on site)

From: Rough Ride Guide

Alpkit Monster Mugs

Alpkit have released some special Monster mugs, featuring mythical beasts of the outdoors, such as happy roadies the Bigfoot and the Nandi Bear. We did get sent a Yeti and a Bunyip but they disappeared – probably to get filled up with coffee. The mugs are designed by illustrator and RCA graduate Andy Smith and are available as a set of four…

Price: £35 for set of four

From: Alpkit

Orontas Bike Care products

Orontas are a Canadian brand that have recently arrived on these shores with a range of biodegradable, ethical and generally planet-friendly bike cleaners and lubes. Above we have Orontas Waterproof Grease (£10.99), which offers ‘hardcore lubrication’ in a tough and sticky package, Orontas Bike Care Cleaner (£9.99), an aerosol free degreaser and Orontas Bike Care Lubricant (£9.99) a petroleum free high-performance chain oil made from 100% sustainable sources. We like the packaging too – but don’t leave it around the bathroom, it could end in tears.

From: Hotlines UK

Bionicon C:Guide v2

Bionicon’s neat minimalist chain guide impressed us the first time round but they’ve been working to make it even better. It’ll now fit to a wider variety of chainstays, either with zipties or onto a bottom-routed gear cable. Your chain sits in the middle of the two-part plastic guide and it’s articulated to move as you change gear, making it one of the few devices that promises to work with a triple chainring setup. They’re available in black, red, blue, green, pink and gold colour options too…

Price: £TBC

From: Bionicon

Patisserie Valerie cakes

It’s usually nice to see people when they drop by the office, but Rob Scullion of Conti UK/Cambrian Tyres made himself extra welcome by bringing a box full of cakes from the Chester branch of the high-quality sweet-thing bakers. Made going to the local bakers for a sausage roll seem a bit of a let down afterwards.

Very tasty they were too.

Cyclepassion 2012 Calendar

The cycling gentleman’s favourite calendar has returned for another year. Inside there are twice as many artfully shot pictures of the female riders, including Veronica Andréasson, Pauline Ferrand Prevot, Liz Hatch, Hanna Klein,  Katherine O`Shea, Marion Rousse and Maja Wloszczowska. One shot is a ‘full-color, sexy (yet tasteful) photograph’ of  the rider, which the reverse has a black and white action shot. No, we’re not going to show you the inside…

Price: €36

From: Cyclepassion

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  1. They were punted across the Atlantic on an ethically sourced bamboo raft!

  2. Those mugs look great, but £35 – hmmm, that’s not a no-brainer price.

  3. Never mind the milky tea, what was the pork pie like?

  4. eyerideit – I like a milky weak brew (and prefer to drink it tepid too).

    Pork pie was actually Matt’s birthday cake – he doesn’t like sweet things. It was very tasty thanks…

  5. Does this mean Dave’s Chain Devices will re-appear on the market?!?

    My missus says those cakes look good. I like the look of the buns on the pic below!


  6. beat me to it topanga – return of the DCD….

  7. 40 Euro for the chain guide on Bionicon’s website… Seems a trifle steep, or is that just me?

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