Premier User Offer: Autumnal Wine Discount

by singletrackjon 10

Ahh, the joys of being a Singletrack Subscriber. As well as having the taste and style to invest in a regular supply of high quality mountain biking words and pictures, we reckon you lot deserve a shot at the finer things in life.

We don’t just mean having access to our huge back catalogue of magazines, Premier Subscriber-only web content and competitions, the option to reduce adverts and post comments on news stories; NO! We want to give you more. We want to help you relax during the long autumn evenings and give you something to look forward to once you’ve finished those long, chilly night rides.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Corney and Barrow wine merchants to bring you an offer that should make sitting at home tucking into some tasty winter food even more appealing, with free delivery and 10% off a case of lovely, lovely wine. Here’s Piers with this month’s wine suggestion:

So, to get your 10% discount and free postage on a case, simply go to, pick a case of single or mixed wine and check out using the code below. It’s valid for a month from now, but check back every month as we’ll have a new recommendation plus a new discount code.

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Comments (10)

  1. I am a premier user, logged in and can’t see it!

  2. Hi NJA
    If you are having difficulty seeing Premier content you may need to clear your cookies and re-login.
    The easy way to do this is by clicking on this link:

    Hope this helps. If not, email us directly

  3. Oops lads & lasses, shouldn’t this be cases/kegs of Real ALE/BEER?
    Next thing will be “sponsored by LYNX” (aftershave…)

  4. I like my beer but I like my wine, so not sure what LYNX has got to do with drinking wine. Nice offer, I’ll check it out.

  5. Tried to check out with a mixed case, computer says no.
    only valid on certantain ones, can’t be arsed to find out which ones.

  6. “Unfortunately, this voucher code can only be used on selected products, none of which are in your basket”
    Also CBA to try every product one by one to find which ones are applicable 🙁

  7. Hmm, the code is working for a case of one wine but not for a mixed case.

    Maybe the system has been on the old vino collapso too much. I’ll find out what’s going on and get it fixed for you all…

  8. All fixed now! Order as much as your liver will stand…

  9. Hi Piers – aren’t we lucky to hve you loving in our town with all those lovely wines available
    #mustbookwinetasting 😀

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