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It’s the slightly kinked rotor of life, the slightly loose spoke of existence; yes, the middle of the week is a slightly odd place. To help you through lunchtime limbo, we’ve trawled the corners of the interwebnets to bring you some inspiring videos that may or may not have anything to do with riding bikes on dirt.

We’ve got a soft spot for Jack Russells. Only problem is that the short legged versions can struggle to keep up with a bike – what you need is a long-legged Racing Russell, like Lily in the video below. Be prepared to do lots of ‘ahhhh’ noises…

Getting your CV sorted out is a pain in the arse. You have to figure out which synergies you’ve brought together lately and how many solutions you’ve implemented, never mind trying to spin being fired for unseemly conduct as ‘leaving to pursue other opportunities’. That’s why we quite like this idea – Alex Lovett wants a job as a mechanic in Whistler this year and this is his video CV.  We reckon any shops should give him a job simply on his excellent taste in 1980s motors, so if you own a shop in Whistler and need a mechanic, drop him an email: alovett2@gmail.com

Ooh! New BC based ripping and shredding gnar-umentary (sorry) From The Inside Out is almost here. Here’s a bit more of a teaser…

It was always going to happen. With street BMX riders getting hyper technical and flatlanders taking to the air, it was a matter of time before the lines got blurred and someone got them together. This is the stunning result of their afternoon of light passion…

Stu from MTBCut headed over to the Hope Technology factory in Barnoldswick, Lancashire to take a tour. As you’d expect, production values are amazing and there are plenty of insightful interviews with the people behind the CNC machines…

Still up in the North, the SingletrAction volunteer trailbuilders at Stainburn have been busy building and repairing more sweet singletrack.

Happy snapper Duncan Philpott recommended this video of freeride skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and snowboarder Lucas Debari  aim to climb up and slither down the Denali with a little help from the assembled cast of North Face athletes. It’s brilliantly shot…

The Bespoked Bristol Handmade bike show will be taking place from the 23rd-25th March next year. It’ll be stuffed full of British bike builders and custom frames. In the run up to the event they’re releasing profiles of a few of the makers attending – this is Robin Mather. It’s basically lugged road frame porn.

Skateboarding now; Matt says this honestly makes him feel sad inside for lost youth. We say it’s got some amazing skating in it..

Seen anything good lately? Fire it over to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com. Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week…

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  1. great video alex…… good luck

  2. That wee dog was amazing, far better at tabletops than i am. wonderful!

  3. Lilly can get better air than me. awesome.

  4. Mr Lovett has a peculiar jaw

  5. evry trail should have a hound – awesome vid!

  6. Anyone know what the music in the Alex Lovett Surrey Hills vid is?

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