Islabikes in costume for charidee

by Chipps 6

Should you happen to phone up Islabikes today… This is who will be answering your calls:


Brokeback Back Room Bike Bod. Nice horsey!


When else can you call up and ask to speak to a Thunderbird?


Mr Pink - Panther will be on bike assembly today.



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  1. Christ, the thing in the mag article about not letting employees look at their own keyboard wasn’t a joke.

  2. Heard Isla on radio 2 this morning (only station I could pick up in the van at that point)

  3. timmys, my thoughts exactly! 😀

  4. Psycho boss from hell.

    I’d rather work at Halfords.

  5. So what’s wrong with having to type for your job?

  6. And to make them faster, maybe they could do it blindfold, with one arm behind their back and a gun to their head.

    What’s wrong with just letting them do it?

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