Interbike: World Champions’ Bikes

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And you thought we’d run out of stuff from Interbike. We nearly didn’t see these bikes as they were only on the SRAM stand for a day, but we were tipped off to track them down. Danny Hart’s world championship winning Giant and Jaroslav Kulhavy’s Specialized. Here are some pics for you…

It's had a bit of a jetwash...


Glory indeed!



You know you've made it when... Dirty Dans eh?




Looking slightly worn-in




Intriguing carbon cover over the Avid Code brakes. To keep the heat in and the crap out? Or hiding something else?




Truvativ's huge Boobars


In case he crashed his brains out and forgot his name


Wired-on grips in a pro-motocross style.


MRP's G2 chain guide


Ti spring. Natch.


And now for something completely different:

Jaroslav Kulhavy’s world championship XC race-winning Specialized Epic 29er:


A fast bike. Tall too!


Still muddy


That's Champery mud, that is...




How long is that stem? At least a finger long!


Not bad for the first outing of 10sp Gripshift


Specialized Fast Trak 2.0 tyres




It all looks pretty stock stuff! High end, but mostly stuff you can buy in the shops.




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    Looks like some decent stanchion wear there, should have gone to LoCo 😉

    It always suprises me what low profile tyres elite and pro racers manage to get away with on muddy courses. I mean, Champéry for goodness’s sake! Did he not look at the weather?

    I have had an sb8 on the back all last winter but i’d never survive my inept cornering with something like that on the front.

    Thanks guys… those photos are awesome (a bit fetishistic, but awesome all the same). Reminds me of the photo I have of me age 16, leaning over the barrier and *actually touching* cboardman’s olympic lotus when it was on display in the science museum…

    world championship winning bike or not, that Giant is ugly

    Why such a horrible colour? Giant of all people! Blue and white, you know it makes sense.

    Loving the fact that he’s got a crap cover over his rear brake calliper as I’ve been doing that in the winter for ages!
    It works a treat at stopping problems with sticky pistons, so pads actually last some.
    Mine are only made of humble gaffer tape though.

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