Trans Provence Day 2 video

by singletrackjon 6

The shredding in the South of France continues for another day – we’re yet to receive official word from the Trans-Provence team, but they did manage to get a video up before the rich rocquefort of content clogged their constricted internet artery. It seems that after a hard day riding, a hard evening drinking followed as Marc Beaumont (GT Bikes) celebrated his 27th birthday, but it was still up at the crack of dawn to hit the trails…

In the men’s elite race Nico Vouilloz continues to lead the pack followed by Jerome Clementz and Mark Weir. We’re hoping to get full results (including the women’s field) this evening along with the update from Day 3….

1) Nico Vouilloz 58:24
2) Jerome Clementz 59:11
3) Mark Weir 59:40
4) Fabien Barel 01:00:35
5) Matt Ryan 01:01:09
6) Ben Cruz 01:01:58
7) Marc Beaumont 01:04:00
8 ) Rowan Sorrell 01:04:15
9) Steve Jones 01:06:33
10) James Richards 01:08:37

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  1. He said ‘stoked’.

    Looks fabulous though.

    I’m feeling stoked from this footage.

  2. He’s American. He is allowed. Just like Brits can say ‘Jolly Nice Cup of Tea’

  3. any idea how many riders there are ion the TP?

  4. cor I’m surprised that guy stood up straight after splits to arseplant at 3:20 ish.

    Event looks so good though – defo on the to-do list.

  5. “He’s American. He is allowed. Just like Brits can say ‘Jolly Nice Cup of Tea’”

    Someone needs to tell that to Gee and Rachel Atherton. Just doesn’t sound right when they say it.

  6. ‘Gee and Rachel Atherton’
    Agreed. I’ll tell Rachel. You tell Gee 😉

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