Interbike 2011: Five Ten

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Sticky shoe maker Five Ten has gone utterly bonkers this year. Instead of a couple of new models, they’ve been a flood of flat and SPD shoes for every conceivable niche. Here’s a quick peek at what’s new for 2012:

Danny MacAskill has a signature shoe! Five Ten have worked with the Scottish trials wünderkind to create something that’s a bit more than a shoe with a squiggly signature on it (although it has one of those) and it features an extra stiff sole, gel filled heel and a reinforced toe piece. The ‘Skye blue’ sole and detailing is quite nice too. Price is going to be £85…

The Maltese Falcon SPD shoe is aimed more at trail riders than the DH set, with a reinforced heel and velcro strap to help stop your foot moving about. The upper is again made from rubberised action leather, there’s a and the Stealth S1 sole with a more treaded and grippier pattern for extra traction when you’re off the bike.

This shoe isn’t a production model yet – but something very like it will be available at some point in late 2012. It’s called the Kestrel and it’s basically a higher end version of the current Maltese Falcon, using the same sole but with a carbon fibre shank. The yellowy-green webbing on the heel stiffens it up even more and the upper is a mix of action leather, ballistic nylon and synthetic materials. The ratchet strap is definitely going to be changed for a wider model though…

The Maltese Falcon and Kestrel both share the gripper and more treaded sole below…

The Cool Hwip (so named for the Family Guy sketch) is their newest high-end downhill biased SPD shoe. This model now has a thinner sole with improved clearance around the cleat which should make it easier to clip in and out. It’s also a good chunk lighter than before but it still uses a rubberised leather upper, raised around the inside ankle to prevent crank-arm based hurties. The lace cover flips out towards the front, attaching with two strips of velcro up the sides. Price is going to be £110…

If the Cool Hwip is a bit out of your price range then there’s also the Raven, which uses the same sole and nylon shank as it’s pricer brother, but with a synthetic leather upper and simpler one-piece lace cover. Price for this is going to be £90…

Here’s the sticky sole…

The lace cover pivots from the side – note the new, tougher laces and wrap-around tongue too…

All new for 2012 is the Spitfire Canvas,  still using the sticky Stealth sole but it’ll be a lot cheaper thanks to the canvas upper. There are going to be a load of colours but slightly purple shoe at the front is the women’s specific model, which will be available in sizes from a UK2.5 up to a UK7.5. The men’s versions will be from a 5.5 to a 13.

This is the Dirtbag, a casual skate shoe with non-marking sole…

The Dirtbag and Spitfire shoes also use a new, smaller dotted sole, which should stick to pedal studs even better – if you really needed it.

The Barons have been out for a bit but they’re worth mentioning here. It’s something like a combination of the robust upper of the original Impact, using a reinforced toe cap and heel along with a sole that’s a bit more like their casual options.

Hi top SPDs…


Here’s the Scofflaw – it’s a shoe specifically for fixie riders, with a totally flat section of the sole to make it easier to get your foot in and out of your toestraps…


This is a specific shoe for trail building, no less – gone are the need for a pair of rigger boots or your second best pair of trainers….

Plenty more to come….

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Comments (31)

    Fixie specific shoe?

    With that, the shark has been jumped.

    How can they have so many new shoes, and not one of them is a winter flat shoe?

    Do any of them work in the wet without the cardboard inners going soggy and the upper soaking up all the water within a 10 mile radius?

    I love my Minnaar SPD’s. Had them 1yr now. All I can report is:-
    1. I wish all 5.10’s had laces covers (if only as an optional extra).
    2. The grip on the sole isn’t thick enough to cope with the grub screws from flat pedals. My shoes are still in excellent condition (only worn for riding). But, the soles are mashed.

    Apart from the Barons, which without looking like remedial footwear seem like they might hold up to some abuse (still no lace covers though), those really are some horribly designed MTB shoes.

    Yes, okay, they’ve got that sole, which I’m sure is super grippy (not that I’ve ever struggled for grip with my AM41s), but they could at least make it look like they’ve given some thought to the design of the rest of the shoe.

    “If the Cool Hwip is a bit out of your price range then there’s also the Raven… Price for this is going to be £90.”

    A snip. Or, you could just save yourself £30 and get some AM45s.

    Or three pairs of brand new ebay Etnies…

    I have a pair of Hellcats, a little heavy but solid nonetheless and lasting well, feel good on and off the pedals, and the stealth rubber gives a little extra bite for those ‘am I clipped in or not?’ moments.

    They’ll go in the shed ’till the spring soon though and make way for my winter boots.

    Canvas riding shoes? Fixie shoes? And trail building shoes?! Odd.

    None of them seem particularly winter proof either.

    I know the sole is sticky and grippy, but its not much use carrying your bike up a steep muddy hillside…
    How about a super sticky sole WITH some decent tread?

    Never had a problem using my Low Impacts in the wet and cold. I wear wolly bully socks with them and don’t have issues.

    canvas ones look cool for casual wear.

    When well they bring out a goretex or other lined shoe, what is the pint of an MTB shoe that isn’t waterproof. I have 510 impacts they grip great, but I really regret buying them purely because they leak like a sieve, you always get wet feet riding in the UK and the cardboard insole has rotted. I’m going back to walking shoes.

    My Hellcat’s have a soft canvas insole, not cardboard. Although I don’t use them through the winter, I imagine they’d be ok with sealskinz socks.

    Improved laces…Yeah for 85 schnutz it would be nice to have some that would last more than 6 months

    My FiveTen Low Impacts are pretty weather proof now the mud that got soaked up has now set hard. The uppers are a concrete leather composite…

    Canvas with jeans? Yes purlease…

    Dear Singletrack, will you please ask Five Ten to make me some warm, waterproof, flat grippy soled boots for winter? Please?

    Dear Mr Mills, they’re working on it…

    Is the light grey/light blue/black show in the back of the Baron pic a new model too?

    Still look like ‘corrective’ shoes

    Synthetic uppers?


    Vegan MTBkers will rejoice 🙂

    Love the blue ones but with the current ritual being ‘ride, allow three days to dry, ride’ I’m not as fond of 510’s as I used to be. Awesome grip but why are they made of sponge.

    Any sighting of other 510 ladies shoes? – other half wants to know

    Those be some mingin’ shoes

    Been after a hi top SPD shoe for ages and I’m still waiting as those above are just too ugly.

    All those people moaning about the lack of waterproof boots. Can you not take your approach shoes and get them resoled?

    They should probably work on the pathetic quality for 2012. £110 for shoes that fall to bits is a little bit steep…


    Calling a shoe fixie specific is daft, I agree, but making a shoe for us luddite toeclip users (fixed or not) is neat, if they do a decent job of it. My commuting/touring bike has toeclips and I struggle to find shoes with the right width/height/tread/lack-of-ugliness to wear with them

    I have a pair of the spitfires, not a great biking shoe but good for the pub. Making them cheaper is sensible

    I fancy a pair of Tevas but my ten year old DCs just WILL NOT DIE

    I don’t know why some of you have trouble with 5.10s in winter? I ride Impacts, they are warmer and more waterproof than all skinny XC clipless shoes save winter ones. Most people on trails around my place riding clipless ride these super thin ballerinas. To ride in winter they buy these super expensive winter ballerinas. I find Impacts actually too warm in the summer but in general the best of both worlds.

    And Goretex wishing – it works ONLY in minus temperatures, breathability wise – so no thanks, I’d rather use plastic bags instead of socks. Most hikers and trail runners actualy recommend Goretex socks instead. Why? as your shoe gets wet inside, normal shoe dries much quicker than a shoe with membrane. It dries quick enough so that “sweat wetness” is not an issue”. I have Gore gloves and after an hour in +5 I had my hands swimming in sweat.

    I’d rather like to see the flat pedal version of kestrel, as IMpacts are just heavy. A lightweight NUschool XC flat pedal shoe would be nice!

    here’s me thinking that I was going to see some nice shoes. They seem to be going backwards!

    Them blue ones-at the top-nice.

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