Interbike 2011: Devinci

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We took a look (and a test ride) at the booth of Canadian brand Devinci. Bikes are all made in Canada and the suspension models use Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot design.

First up is the 145mm travel, 26in wheel, ‘should be good in the UK’ Dixon. It’s pitched as a true all mountain bike that’ll still work as a daily trail bike. It features 145mm of Split Pivot travel, a tuning ‘chip’ in the rocker arm to raise or lower the BB height for different trails and it’s made in Canada.

You can see the 'chips' at the top of the seatstays. These can be reversed if you want to raise the BB and steepen the head angle - or vise versa.


Tapered fork in a beer-barrel size head tube

Devinci Atlas: Here’s the Atlas from Devinci, it’s a 110mm 29er trail bike with ‘the shortest chainstays of any full suspension 29er’

The Atlas features the same Split Pivot design as other bikes in the range, along with a BB92 bottom bracket, 142×12 rear axle and that chip system to raise and lower the BB height.


Here's a close-up of the chip system.



Flarey flare

We took these two out on a back to back test ride and we can report that the super short 16.9in back end really helps make the bike feel, and corner more like a 26in wheel. There’ll be a video along shortly about that too.

In the meantime, here’s the Wilson, Devinci’s full-on DH bike. It now features carbon seatstays for added stiffness as well as some very complicated looking machining going on inside that shock garage in the seat tube.

The Wilson, or WLSN as it says
Carbon and curvy seatstays

The new Atlas and Dixon should be out very soon. Devinci is brought into the UK by Haven Distribution

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