Surly goes BIG(ger…)

by Chipps 13

The guys and girls at Surly don’t seem to pay much attention to trends and fashion following and have always come up with designs that seem to puzzle 90% of the world and delight the other 10… Having made the first production snow bike with the Pugsley, you’d think that they’d be happy with that – but no, if the 3.7in tyres of the Pugsley were good, then surely 4.7in tyres are even better…

Enter the Moonlander!

The Moonlander. Now where's the nearest snow/beach/swamp?

It still uses 135mm spaced hubs front and rear and works with Surly’s 100mm wide Clownshoe rim (below) and a 26in x 4.7 tire. MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) cranks required along with a longer spindle.

Due Dates in the USA: frameset: Late September 2011, complete bike: Mid-December 2011

And if big is good, then bigger is better. Here’s the 100mm wide Clown Shoe Rim… The 64 spoke holes are so you can run offset or non-offset hubs. They’ll work perfectly with…


The Big Fat Larry Tyre


4.7in! Or 120mm… It’ll still fit a Pugsley, though you’ll lose a few gear options… For sheer comedy value, we love these. For serious snow work, they’re probably also good… Roll on winter!


There are other great things over on the Surly Blog, where they’ve basically given away most of their trade show surprises. Have a peek now…

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  1. Puzzling 90% or people and delighting the other 10% is no way to make any money…

  2. They’ve been running (as a business, not a charity) since 1998, so apparently it is.

    I’d say that Surly only puzzling 90 percent is a little generous, however…

  3. “Puzzling 90% or people and delighting the other 10% is no way to make any money…”

    It’s what Singletrack has been doing for a decade too 🙂

  4. The only difference being that with Singletrack, the 90% are its customers… 😉

  5. Incredible looking machine. I’d love to have a go on one across some sand dunes, snow, or even the moon.

  6. are they tubeless rims:)

  7. Loving the thumbshifters!

    Looks like we just entered the era of the obese-bike!

  8. “Puzzling 90% or people and delighting the other 10% is no way to make any money…”

    Jordan is worth £ 30 Million.

  9. Got my Moonlander on order… cant wait!

  10. that’s about 40 kinds of bonkers, I love it but (sadly) can’t think of a use for it in my world. Perhaps I should change my world

  11. I guess that is the tubes bulging out through the rims??
    Probably won’t be running 1.85-2.10 tubes in there then! Actually, maybe you could run multi tubes in each wheel? reliability through redundancy?!

  12. I want one. I don’t know why or where I’d ever use it, but I want one.

  13. Can’t wait to see the pictures from Coastkid riding his all over the beaches and dunes!

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