New Danny Macaskill Video!

by Chipps 20

As shot by Singletrack’s good pal Stu ‘MTBCut’ Thomson. This time, Danny gets Industrial!



Together with Danny, director and camera man Stu Thomson had been looking for the perfect location for a while which wasn’t easy at all. Since Danny already filmed several legendary videos in cities and the Scottish highlands, Stu and Danny decided to settle for a combination of urban and country context: An old, abandoned ironworks factory in the Scottish countryside completely exposed to nature. A perfect playground…

“We wanted something different from Danny’s other videos but as I’m from a MTB background I didn’t want to produce a standard ‘urban’ BMX style video. We looked hard for a location that would have a character in the film and make it very different from the others ” said Stu

Stu and Danny only took a single week for the shooting in the South of Scotland, so the production was pretty stressful. But as you can see in the result of their work, it was a lot of fun and led to a fantastic outcome and lots of spectacular tricks. Danny comments: “We were pretty tight on time making it, as I have had a busy year but with Stu’s filming skills and a great soundtrack I think we have managed to pull of a fun little film! It should also be available to view on YouTube that night if you miss it on TV so keep a look out and spread it, if you like it!”



We’d better get on and show you the clip. At time of posting, it had only been seen 300 times. Expect that to click up rapidly…

And now you can check out his website:

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  1. danny, chris akrigg called, he wants his format back 😉

    otherwise very good, i liked that railway track balance, tailwhip hop thingy

  2. As always, blooming great. Surely the best in the world right now?

  3. Great vid. I thought the skateboard was the best vid of the program

  4. Brilliant as ever……makes it look so easy, nice finish with the 360 flip thingy. More please.

  5. This was part of concrete circus on channel 4 – awesome TV. This along with the skateboard and BMX vid were awesome, wasn’t sure about the parlour vid. The end segment when they were all together was excellent

  6. yup, that last section with all of em running hopping and jumping around in the theatre was most excellent!

  7. LOL @eddie11

    My new collection – and its called ‘Dereliqued’.
    Great vid though. Like the music too. Liking the penchant for folk music lately.

  8. Yep, Concrete Circus was good, so good even that good MrsMM sat through it, and liked it 🙂 and, yes, twas rater good of the theatre to let the guys run and ride all over (and a genius idea to approach them in the first place)

  9. @ Starfanglednutter

    You can dereliqued my balls! 😉

  10. Concrete circus -Danny – class as always, loved the venue (iron works) that they choose for all of the video. He came across really well when being interviewed. The footage of him riding in his garden as a teenager was interesting to see the trials set up he had engineered.
    I met him at Goodwood this year and must say he seemed a top bloke.

  11. Great vid, but not as impressive as the others he’s done. What does he need to do next to stand out?

  12. How the hell did he ride down the cable?
    Bike ballet at its best.

  13. @Bushwacked

    I can derelique my own balls, thank you very much…

  14. Brilliant. Not often a trials type vid will make me smile, but that was awesome. Nice one Danny and Stu!

  15. saw the documentry on for that followed danny and other guys making simular films doing different things! awy cool! check out concrete circus on channel 4 site. well worth the watch!!!!

  16. seen it all before. with less style though.

  17. music has “borrowed” this tune though:

    class work as ever though, by far the best vid in the concrete circus. the only one where you could actually view and appreciate the technical skill. the PK one flitted over some terrifying manuevers, and barely showed you them.

  18. his format is nothing like ackriggs .love this guy,s technique.also a top guy to boot.

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