Midweek Mini Movies

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How does politics influence hip jumps? Which enduro racers like to worry llamas? When does wearing lycra become an anti-social offence? All will be made clear with this week’s edition of moving pictures…

We’ll start with multi-talented snapper and videographer Marco Toniolo and enduro racers Rene Wildhaber and Jerome Clementz taking a stunning trip through Bolivia. Epic landscapes, rapid riding and a glimpse of a totally different culture. It’s a bit of a biggy but well worth watching through to the end…

The ThisIsSheffield crew have been out racing again – this time they’ve broken out the lycra for a spot of short course cross country racing. Extra points were on offer for the most garish skintight outfit and anyone who rocked up with a turbo trainer. Inspired.

We had our first look at the new SRAM X0 DH kit a while back but here’s a bit of background info on how they’ve worked with their roster of pro downhillers to develop them from super Blackbox prototypes to production models.


Mr Jam Hook has been on his hols and sent us a video of his travels. The trails around Lake Garda look rather inviting this time of year…

Skate Skate – China looking Super Rad with the Vans Crew.

Shocking news! As we reported earlier, Cane Creek are going to do an air version of their popular and adjustable Double Barrel shock. From the fact the video is full of big bikes it looks like they’re aiming more at the downhill and freeride set than trail riders at the moment. It’s also worth reminding yourself how utterly insane the world of headsets is at the moment by taking a look at this seven minute long video which explain how to use their new headset measuring gauge to find out which of the many standards you’ll need. Our heads hurt.

An effective campaign against parking in cycle lanes – only in the former Soviet Union.

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Comments (6)

    I’m sure you’ve featured that Bolivia one before. [runs off to check] ok there was a shortened version before. Same first few mins.
    ’tis good though.

    sheffield lycrafest is hilarious! nice.

    Was gonna be lazy this evening but after that Bolivia video I had to for a spin! Long live the midweek mini movies.

    Yeah saw a little of that Bolivia vid here before, what a vid!…..Oh to ride stuff like that! It just looks amazing. It does inspire you to ride…..if only I didn’t have a busted right thumb lol.
    Midweek movies….love em.

    That Bolivia video was just stunning, absolutely brilliant. What a treat watching those 2 riding together as well. Cheers!

    It’s really peeing it down outside, but after watching the Bolivia film I’m going to risk a run out in between cloud bursts. really inspiring

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