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It’s been missing for a couple of weeks thanks to press launches and events but Fresh Goods is back in style with a bumper edition. We’ve got loads to get through so without further ado, in no particular order and with apologies to your employer whose bandwidth/time you’re probably stealing to read this [oh do get on with it… – ed] let’s jump straight in with…


Durian Cake

Price: 95p

From: Thai Supermarket

Thanks to Singletrack contributor Matt Wild for this one. It’s a soft bar made from durian fruit pulp and sugar. Nothing else added. Nothing else needed really – durian is a fruit that’s banned from being eaten in many public places around the world. It tastes better than it smells, but even so, our tasting notes include: Custard,  toffee, socks, butterscotch, blue cheese, onion, fishermans’ wellies… and garlic. We still have some left if you’d like to pop in for it.

Coleman Axis LED headlamp

Price: £12.99

From: or call 01275 845024.

Making a cheap alternative to super flash bike lights as round-camp illumination, the Coleman ‘Axis High Power Headlight’ boasts 75 lumens of power and runs off good old AAA batteries, on which it’ll run 11hrs on high and last for 20hrs on medium and 55hrs on low. It apparently illuminates up to We’re not sure what happens at the 44th – does the light just stop? We’ll aim to find out about it for you…


Specialized Storm Tyres

Storm DH is £44.99 and the XC Storm is £29.99

It’s nearly winter, going off the weather, which will make ideal conditions for testing some mud tyres. Here are two from Specialized: the Storm XC and Storm DH. Big ramped knobs and lots of space in between should make for some great ‘British summer’ tyres.

Here's the 2.0in Storm XC
And the new, chunky 2.35in Storm DH


Jones frame bag

From: Biff, probably, and

What’s the best way of making your odd bike look a little odder? Add some matching luggage! But seriously folks, this water resistant frame bag is made by top bike luggage makers Carousel in the States and designed to fit the Jones frame exactly while still leaving room for a water/fuel bottle. We’ll be out in the hills with this and the Jones in issue 69. Join us then!



For more info and stockists: 0207 7201441 or email

These socks promise everything from increasing circulation to regulating temperature. They’re made of bamboo and impregnated with carbon for good measure. We’re fans of bamboo stuff, so we’re looking forward to getting a good few miles in on these and letting you know what we reckon.

Race Face Gloves

From: Silverfish

Lots of colourful gloves from Silverfish here. The tartan ones are the Buzz gloves for £36.95, the maple leaf ones are the Podium Race for £24.95, the grey, red and black ones are the Canuck at £29.95 and the grey, blue and yellow ones are the Khyber ladies’ glove. Super Kevlar reinforced for £47.95

Sim models the Rally FR arms (we have the legs too, but Sim, like newsreaders, never shows his legs) – the Rally FR armour has decent straps and Lycra sleeves to keep them on your arms and legs.

Arms: £49.95, Legs £64.95

Mountain Biking on the South Downs Guidebook

From: Cicerone Press

Price: £14.95

26 routes on the South Downs ranging from Winchester in the west to Eastbourne in the, er, east. The book has been updated and now features natty height profiles, OS mapping and photos of people on modern looking bikes with suspension and disc brakes…


Kraken Black Spiced Rum

From: Good offies, Majestic, Sainsbury’s etc

Price: £22.99

Yes, we move in funny circles (or have a certain reputation) to be sent a bottle of Kraken black rum to review… It’s a spiced rum from the Caribbean, ‘enhanced’ by cinnamon, ginger and clove. The vaguely squid-like handles add to the visual appeal and the black colour will either attract or repel you. We like the look of it and, if today’s anything to go on, it’ll soon be all gone… Worth considering if only because you can ask the barman for a ‘KrakenCoke’. Or else we’re going to try the ‘Perfect Storm’ – Kraken, over ice, topped with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime.

Whitby Handwarmer

Price: £14.95

From: Outdoor shops via Whitby and Co.

Running on lighter fluid, the Whitby Hand Warmer is instant to light (unlike the charcoal ones we remember from many years ago) and keep burning for 12 hours. A great one for those who really feel the cold and going off the weather here in Tod, something that’s going to come in very useful, very shortly…

Giro Aeon Helmet

Price: £199

From: Madison

Yes, it’s a road helmet, but many off road racers like running road helmets for the ventilation and lack of weight and, if you’re careful with them off the bike, they can work perfectly well for most mountain biking. The Aeon is Giro’s newest, super-light helmet, coming in at 197g on our scales. It’s really well vented, yet has protection for the polystyrene and a full Roc Loc 5 tension system.


Transition Bandit

FRice: £1400 or so


A very highly anticipated bike, judging by the forum buzz about it. The Bandit is finally here. Transition’s 130mm (5.1in) do-everything bike. Here it is in stealth grey. Online review soon!


In the box, also from Surf Sales are these POW gloves. Matt’s going to be sporting these to be seen in the gloom…

Cole Wheels

Dedicated off-roaders, look away now. Cole Wheels are well-established in the US, but now Evans Cycles is going to be bringing them in to the UK. Here is one of its pretty skinny looking 24 spoke tubular road/cyclocross wheels that Chipps is going to be sneaking out on for his secret training. When he’s going to get time for that, we don’t know…

Giro socks.

From: Madison

There are many new Giro socks out now to match its growing range of shoes, but we like these ones, in ‘optimistic white’ and maroon… Tidy.


New (to us) chord: A7#9

From: Guitar teachers and jazz musicians

Price: A Jaffa cake

Looking for a new chord to add a bit of tension? Try this A7 chord with a sharp ninth. As one of its biggest fans, Jazzy Brian says of it: “The chord has the notes A C# E G and C. The C# is just below the note of D (the root note of the song) so provides great tension. The tension is exaggerated by the clash of the C# on the G string with the C on the E string”

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