Singletrackworld Wins Best Sports Website

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EDIT: We’ve only gone and won it! Here are some pics (almost) live from the Awards…

A pleased Mark...




We love awards here at Singletrack Magazine, so we’re rather pleased that we’ve been shortlisted for a MBNA Northern Sports Awards for Best Sports Related Website. It’s the first awards of its kind oop North, celebrating sporting excellence and recognising the huge contribution sport, in all its guises, makes across Northern England.

The banking giant has brought together a wide group of sporting disciplines, commercial and professional bodies and other interested parties from across the North together with fans and supporters for the bash in the swanky The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club in Old Trafford. They hope it’ll become an annual fixture in the calendar and if we’re going to win, so do we. We’re up against some really big names in the field of sports publishing, so we reckon it’s A Big Deal and we’ve been clearing space in the awards cabinet just in case.

Mark (see below) is at the bash as we speak, fighting off the competition from websites as diverse and staggeringly well known as the official Liverpool FC and Everton FC websites all the way to the Hardcore Hockey website, which probably isn’t about what you think it is.

"What do you mean, we haven't won?"

The judging panel is pretty serious, with a partner from the heavyweight banking firm Rothschild, the British Cycling Performance Director, numerous ‘proper’ sports journalists and a number of other well known, highly talented and respected professionals in the world of sports, journalism and marketing who probably aren’t that impressed by our puns, spelling mistakes or the dodgy photos in Fresh Goods.

If you’d like to know how we’re getting on then Mark will be Twittering short, timely snippets of information using the @singletrackmag account. Feel free to follow us for this and other insights into the world of Singletrack…

Here’s the menu in the meantime…

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire cheese and sweet onion tart with baby shoots
and lime vinaigrette

Pot roasted beef Daube, mustard cream mash, buttered cabbage and carrots

Roasted aubergine stack, forest mushrooms, leeks and shallots and garlic cream sauce

Vanilla and nutmeg creme brulee, lemon shortbread
Coffee and amaretto biscuits


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  1. If the site was any good, surely it would have been updated to say that they/you had won already? Good job twitter works…
    Oh, and congratulations 🙂

  2. Good job, SIngletrackworld! I’m so proud. Oh golly-gosh, I think I’m going to cry!

  3. Must have been the quality of the tosh on the forum that swung it.

  4. Well done Calderdale’s favourite bike riding coffee drinking occasional beard wearing fellas. Well deserved.

  5. well done singletrackworld

  6. that is one shonky looking set it looks like they hastily erected in a warehouse

    well done STW though

  7. Thats superb, no doubt a real feather in your cap for that piece of giant slaying. I’d expect to see ‘best football website award’ next year as they’ll not take that laying down. Again congratulations to all concerned.

  8. Congrats folks – great job, well deserved 🙂

  9. well done, never thought of it as a sports website, I may have to stop visiting it now!

  10. Well done. Not surprised, you lot have been streets ahead for a long time.

  11. Nice one!
    I hope the food was nice too.

  12. Well done and desrver you’ve put some hard work into over the years and epsecially more recent years.

  13. Well done, boys and girls!

    Although, if the judges have read the forum, they might have been swung by the possible threat of Bomber- and wee-related retaliation, had STW not won…

    btw, was the cheese and sweet onion tart as smashing as it sounds???

  14. Brilliant news guys! I love this website and have done for years. Well deserved.

  15. Nice one – hope you rode up on stage to collect the gong 🙂

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