Prototype Whyte 29er

by Chipps 3

Just a quick newsflash before things get too mental:

Our mole at Whyte tells us:

“We have been testing the bike at trail centres in the UK and at local trails in Cheltenham where our R & D facility is located. The bike is a work in progress, where we have been fine tuning our geometry. As with all our bikes the geometry is key to our design concept.

Shiny - ish... In brushed aluminium.

I shall be riding the bike at Mountain Mayhem this weekend as part of a ten man team, please feel free to pop by, take a look at the bike and push me off for a ride.

Details will be available ‘soon’ – and Singletrack should get to have a bit more of a play on one in late July.

Comments (3)

  1. Someone else developing frames for the burgeoning “sub-5 ft tall 29er rider” market then.

  2. Glad to see a UK bike co building an ally 29er. While I like steel frames I quite like the isea of an ally frame to counter the increased wheel weight to a degree.

    Any idea when the Boardman 29ers are likely to arrive?

  3. Looks sweet!! wonder if they will do a Ti version too?

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