Original Source Mountain Mayhem Official Programme

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Britain’s biggest 24 hour endurance race is almost upon us and the fate of thousands will rest of a few microbars of pressure. Will it rain? Will it stay dry? Will this mark the start of a beautiful summer for British mountain bikers? Or will there be a rerun of trench warfare with wheels?

We don’t have the answers to any of that but if you’re going then you should take a look att he lovingly made Official Programme for the event. It’s packed with interesting features, handy hints and important stuff like the start times, sunset and sun rise.

Every team will get a printed copy of this in their goody bag, but if you just can’t wait ’til the weekend then check out the online page flippy version below..

Original Source Mountain Mayhem 2011 Official Programme

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    Looks cool, why the kick off at 12 though?

    Marriage bit made me go awwww cos I’m a softy!

    !2 finish leaves longer for the Sunday night party!!

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