Mayhem Needs Marshals

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Pat Adams has just been in touch from putting the finishing touches on the Mayhem arena. He’s just been let down by a small squadron of marshals and is after some help.
Do you fancy helping out for the weekend and marshaling? You get to camp out, get free food and you get to heckle your friends as they ride past your tent, while you calmly cook bacon and read the paper.

Pat is short of eight pairs of marshals to support the event from Saturday to midday Sunday. If you can help, he would really appreciate it. Perhaps you’ve had to drop out due to injury, perhaps you didn’t get a place, perhaps you just love the idea of heckling people from the warmth of your sleeping bag… Get in touch

Here are the details:
* You need to be on site and ready for briefing before 8am Saturday morning, ready to marshal your station from 11am until you leave after 1pm Sunday.
* You need to be as a pair to take turns to sleep and marshal your station.
* Mayhem will give money for food and reasonable expenses.

If you think you can make it or just need more information please do not hesitate to:

Phone: 07956276399

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    mail me with a cash offer and I’ll think about it 🙂

    You’ll get cash for ‘reasonable expenses’ which doesn’t sound too bad 🙂

    sorry, the only reason I head to eastnor castle is to get mashed at the big chill 😉

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