Mid Week Movies.

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Jumps, crashes, skids, skinny people who are going to get massively obese through sloth.

First up sunshine, Spain and bar spins. You might want to fast forward to about 3.30 if you’re skipping infomercials at your lunch break though.

We Are Family Films: Episode 1 ft Andreu Lacondeguy from We Are Family Films on Vimeo.

The Claw unsnapped (Cracked crab?). Get well soon Mr Berrecloth!

Riding 2,000 Vertical Feet with Darren Berrecloth from Bike magazine on Vimeo.

Who’s going to be the third snapped rider? Here’s everyone’s hero, and well known hill climbing champion, Chris Akrigg (anti)diss-sending it.

2010 Cobble Wobble from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Steve Hamilton. After reading The Albion (Highly recommended – but don’t let that put you off) interview with him, I had to know more, amazing rider, incredible story.

Healy Nab – Ain’t too drab (go on rap it at your desk). New trail near Rivi Lancashire. Awesome blocking tactics used later on in the video to keep in front of Rowan Sorrell- Elite XC racers take note.

Healey Nab Promo Video from TartyBikes on Vimeo.

Ok let’s be completely honest the best thing about trails is riding them not building them (it’s good for your core muscles though which your boyfriend/girlfriend may appreciate) but someone needs to do it. Here’s the guys from Single Traction keeping on keeping on. We salute you!

SingletrAction – Dig Day @ Stainburn, March 2010 from Chris Maloney on Vimeo.

Pack it up pack it in let me begin… No not the House Of Pain although there is an Irish connection (Yes, it’s tenuous but I’m doing my best). The reason CRC are so quick isn’t carrier pigeon, we can reveal here.

Video: Chain Reaction Cycles – how do they do it? from chainreactioncycles on Vimeo.

Shake Junt ! Shake Junt! Shake Junt!

Lizard Skin – Deathwish – Sorted. and the best music of the day as well, FTW!

Finally, these two young Women are fed up with being thin, they want to fatten up, and they’re lazy. It’s the future.

Got videos of radness? Badness or sadness? Sent them to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

Till next week…

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    That last video is amazing, especially @2.58 where it states ‘both hands are free so carrying packages with both hands is simple’. Solves that age old problem of only having one hand free to carry things when walking….

    Is that Honda thing for real..? A new generation of Hot rods for lazy people.

    Lets just hope they don’t create an offroad version and drive it off the cliff like the segway guy.

    they’re dabbing all over the place!

    We Are Family vid – the super slo-mo bits are very impressive

    I guess Honda decided that people weren’t buying segways because they had to stand.
    Segways get used a lot by cameramen for tracking shots but this would be easier.

    The wheel technology is pretty cool.

    If I can buy a £15 helicopter with a gyro in it which allows it to stay 100% still and level, then I guess things like this shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive. The wheel looks like it would falter on rough ground where segways wouldn’t though.

    Does that Honda thing come with SPDs?

    The whole time I was waiting for them to get naked, I think the internet has given be false expectations about women and devices.

    That Honda video? You remember Demolition Man, before Stallone and Snipes come back and kick off? That rubbish future where everything is lame? This is apparently the way things are going to be thanks to companies like Honda.

    That Honda movie does look like it’s about to segue into something that it shouldn’t 😉

    Gigady gigady, when are those girls going to take their clothes off? Gigady gigady…

    I can hardly wait to crawl around on that thing with both hands free to eat cake and looking lame and doing lame stuff.

    Is there a separate video of the guy without a helmet on from Healey Nab being arrested and taken away for appearing in a cycling video without a helmet?

    loving the skate films. but how do they do it all without spds!?

    Lets have some UK skateboarding (or at least European) next time though!

    who doesn’t want to go to the next cobble wobble now?

    Re: Honda
    I love chessy corporate vids, they are soooo crap! Obviously the language the two young ladies were using was so profane they had to use subtitles

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