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Our local race organisers the Brownbacks Racing have come up with a new plan to encourage fresh-to-racing riders with an coaching initiative. Here’s what they have to say…

“If you sign-up for a series entry you become eligible to request a place on our training sessions. There are 24 places available with 8 initially reserved for women (as a women only group subject to numbers). The training dates are 4th June and 30th July. These sessions are aimed at novice/ new riders who enter the “Have-a-go” categories. The coaching is delivered by experienced qualified mountain bike coaches who all hold the latest British Cycling Level 2 MTB XC qualification amongst others. We have three volunteer coaches who are highly experienced and support our initiative. The first day is an introductory one focusing on the basic skills and the do’s and don’ts on race day, the second date will build on the first date and the experience of a couple of races.

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This initiative is designed to introduce new people into the sport and to take away some of the “fear” aspects (is it going to be too tough, I’m not fit enough, etc). The “Have-a-go” category is aimed at less experienced less able riders who want to try racing their bikes. On race day they ride a less technical course within the quarry for a shorter riding time compared to the main course.

The 2011 series race dates are 5th June, 24th July, 21st August, 2nd October, all races are at Lee Quarry, Rossendale.


Answers to the obvious questions:

How do I get a place?

Put in a series entry for the “Have-a-go” category and then email info@brownbacksracing.co.uk title it “Coaching Offer” with the dates you can make, you don’t need to be available for both. If you have already entered a race separately, re-enter for the series and we will sort out the refund later.

Can I just buy the coaching?

No, you enter the race series. The coaching is provided on an optional basis subject to availability. If for some reason the coaching is cancelled, you don’t get a place, you can’t make it etc you don’t get a refund as you can still race the series which is what you paid for.

What if it is oversubscribed?

We will come up with an arbitrary process (first come first served, previous series entry, full moon on your birthday etc) to allocate places. The early bird catches the worm.

What are the timings?

Provisional timings are 09:30 meet and greet at  Lee Quarry, paperwork and sorting out the groups, 10:00 start of the coaching activity. There will be about 5 hours of coaching with a break for lunch, expect to be finished for 16:00. The coaches know that race 1 is the 5th of June.

What do I do for lunch etc?

We’ll provide lunch (we are nice like that), snacks and drinks for the rest of the day are DIY.

Will rain stop the coaching?

NO! Unless there is ice about (snow is not unknown in June) the sessions will be on, bring waterproofs and a change of clothes if the weather is poor.

I’m a weekend warrior – where is my free coaching?

This is a new idea and we want to see if we can deliver it successfully to encourage less experienced riders into racing. Coach availability is also limited as we are only using volunteer coaches with the new British Cycling Level 2 MTB XC qualification. Additionally coaching for your skill and experience level is available from commercial providers already (including the coaches working with us) and we are conscious of not trampling over someone’s livelihood. We will review the position in 2012.

I’m a weekend warrior and I’ll just drop a level to get the free coaching!

We ask that you don’t do this (we will check old entries) as it is very likely you already have many of the skills that will be taught on the day. Instead badger us to set something up specifically for your category or use one of the many very good local coaches.

I’m a qualified/ trainee British Cycling Level 2 MTB XC coach and I want to join in!

Great, email us at info@brownbacksracing.co.uk

What about insurance etc? The coaches are all insured via British Cycling (as members and coaches) and will be coaching within the guidelines for Level 2 MTB XC. The races and coaching sessions are organised by Brownbacks Racing Ltd company number 07611126 a company limited by guarantee, the organisation is affiliated to British Cycling as “Brownbacks”. The coaches have in-date first aid qualifications and first aid kits, no additional arrangements are being made.

What’s the catch? It is part of our complex and nuanced plan for world domination so don’t worry about the details, just join in the fun! Online entry open via www.xcracer.com the downloadable postal entry form will be up before the end of the week.

Any other questions? Email info@brownbacksracing.co.uk

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  1. Really good idea I hope people take advantage of what I think is a really good package.

  2. Fair play to the Brownbacks. Let’s hope you get the success you lot deserve (possibly not world domination though).

  3. It should be the offer of the century so far

    two days coaching (with free lunch) and 4 races for £40

    Mr Sparkle, not seen your pre-entry yet! Charlie the Bikemonger is still sponsoring the singlespeeders so get in there!

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