Les Gets All Mountain Camp And Race With Fabien Barel

by Matt Letch 3

Well it’s not just us at Singletrack banging on about Enduro racing – Everyone’s be doing it .

This just in from the Highlander Chris Porter at Mojo suspension

(it’s the new skool/old skool racing format of choice don’t you know )


The new fashion in gravity racing is definitely Enduro…

Racing a trail style bike on timed descent stages with an element of fitness required to get a good time is definitely a great test of an all round MTB racer. We at Mojo Suspension love this new style of racing, it suits Fox’s great, lightweight, hard-hitting products and proves their all round capability.

Mondrakers new Innovative downhill bike and plough/Seed drill in action.

It’s the true test of an ‘all mountain’ rider and it is also a discipline that Fabien Barel really loves when not racing full-on World Cup DH for team Mojo/Mondraker!

He loves it so much he teaches ‘all mountain’ riding camps to riders in the spiritual home of ‘Enduro’ racing, the French alps.

"Just sit there Fabien - Look natural.."

Mojo has decided to get together and arrange a riding camp for British riders taught by Fabien Barel and Rowan Sorrell with technical seminars and set-up help from Mojo suspension’s gurus too. The camp will take place in the ‘Brit’ friendly resort of Les Gets from 15th to 17th of June and will culminate in the racing of the Les Gets round of the French ‘enduro’ series on the 18th and 19th.

The camp will include all tuition, technical classes on bike set-up and mechanical set-up help too – lift passes for the riding school, lunch on the school days and race entry for the Enduro will also be included and the total cost will be £400. The riders will need to organise their own flights/transfers/travel and accommodation.

You'll be leaving the competition for dust......

The race itself will be a multi stage gravity event with the emphasis on ‘all mountain’ rather than DH. Riders take the start via the ski lift system and the timed stages are then back down into the resort. The racing will be over three or four different courses ranging from shorter DH focussed stages to longer stages with a lesser average gradient, the winner will have to be fit to do well! The usual format for the French Enduro Cup is that the top 20 riders are seeded and take the courses first. This allows the bulk of the entrants to spectate as riders like Nico Vouilloz, Jerome Clementz, Remy Absalon and our tutors Fabien and Rowan race the tracks. Timing is by transponder so the rest of the riders can race or sunbathe as they please! You can ride with mates in a group or wait for a gap to ride at your own pace, because of the transponder you can take to the course from the opening to the closing of the individual courses as you feel ready. The Saturday is normally the day of the more DH focussed tracks with different tracks in the morning and the afternoon and the Sunday is the day where the longer more physical tracks are used.

You can opt to take the race after the riding camp or simply watch it if you prefer! If you want to take your new found skills and test them against the stopwatch then you will need a BCF racing licence and a full-face helmet.

All in all, a great way to take a holiday in the Alps and come back a faster and safer rider!

Contact Mojo on 01633 615815 or Mojo Suspension for more details or to book the school.

To find out more about the French Enduro series click here

Your schoolboy/girl French may be useful! Translations are not available for all sections of the website!

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