Premier: Sea Otter Image Dump #3

by Chipps 9

Here’s some more unedited bling for Singletrack Premier users only to dribble over. Full stories for regular users will follow as soon as we get a minute to write them.

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Comments (9)

  1. Hah! Nice socks 🙂

  2. nice one chipps, all this new 29er and electric stuff, 2012; seminal moment for mtb?

  3. Think I will stay on a niche bike and ride a 26er!!

  4. The Union Flag is the wrong way up on the socks

  5. Is that a new Spitfire then? Like the look of the replaceable dropouts. Be interested to know if they’ve sorted the bearing issues.

  6. No it’s a whole new bike, a Banshee (Mythic) Prime 29er. This one runs on bearings and ti axles which is what the next generation of Spitfires will have in a couple of years. As for “the bearing issues” well they never had one! With the Spitfire it was a problem with bushings or to be more specific the axles they run on. Apparently very difficult to machine to the exact tolerence. If the Prime is anything to go by, the next Spitfire on bearings instead of bushings will be stunning to ride.

  7. Even the one with the spitfire written on the side…? 🙂

  8. That’s a really nice looking Breezer

  9. The Union flag is half right, isn’t it? So only half a ship in distress then…

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