Orange Five Pro Blackout

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The only trouble with free choice is that people are free to make the wrong choices, to paraphrase the philosopher and thelogian Thomas Aquinas. Orange and their custom paint options are a prime example – just because you can have a neon yellow swingarm with a pink frame and bright green rims doesn’t mean you should. To this end, Orange have decided that the best way to show true style and class is with a bit of understatement – enter the limited Five Pro Blackout.

They’ve produced twenty special versions of their ever-popular Five Pro trailbikes in the subtly sparkly Disco Black finish, kitted out with as much British made kit as possible. There are black and green Special Edition Hope Tech X2 brakes, headset and QRs, plus Ti bolts to up the bling.

Super rare Hope stoppers...

You have to move fast if you want one – head to the Orange Bikes website HERE to find out more…

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    yes, black forks needed. Gold details wouldn’t go amiss either

    talk about polishing a turd …

    lol at goog. Personally I thought this sounded great “neon yellow swingarm with a pink frame and bright green rims”.

    they have a few of those neon numbers at the bike shop in llandegla, they are quite noticeable

    but yeah needs black forks

    goog – you can’t polish a turd…but you can roll it in glitter. Boom boom

    I like it with white forks, a bit of contrast is good.

    Still liking my Five (orange though not black, or course) after 3 & a bit years of hammer.

    Considering how much I dislike the look of 5’s, I think that looks OK. Needs a black fork though.

    What sort of phenomenal moron do you have to be to make a Blackout edition, spend ages speccing out custom black parts, then fit white forks?

    Really don’t get it, titanium bolts and fancy brakes yet they still come with naff wheels. I reckon it would look worse with black forks, unless they were coated black stantions.

    Not really a black out is it, more a shiny black bike.
    Goog hit the nail on the head…

    Saw one of these in the flesh couple of days ago and they look awesome – apart from the forks!! needs black lowers with Kashima coating and i probably would put a deposit down!!!

    Come on orange, this is shit.

    is this not a bit late for an april fool?

    It does beg the question – would the ‘agricultural’ looks of the 5 be less of an issue if Orange put a bit more effort in to paint job etc? The Trek Fuel EX8 for example, looks awesome IMO.

    I guess they could have spec’d the Talas for it’s blackness – but then it doesn’t work as well as a Float. So kind of goes with the whole Five “uglyness” – function over form and all that.

    I think they look smart anyway. Goog will be pleased to hear I have a “turd” brown one turning up next week 😉

    Naff frame, naff parts (Hope) – at least it’s consistent.

    BNG carried to the extreme….

    A mate just got a 5 in 18″ or thereabouts in solid red and it looks amazing (I’m not normally a fan)

    The black though doesn’t do the frame many favours. its an interesting bike, very easy to make gopping or really lovely to look at.

    I love black coloured stealth bikes, but it’ll take a lot to convince me that black surpasses the look of orange coloured 5 (this hasn’t, so far)

    was this some sort of april fools jape?

    anything’s better than some of the shit colour schemes you see on Orange’s FB page.

    My Cube Stereo Race is matt black with minimalistic livery to make it look stealthy, but Cube didn’t give it a tagline like blackout just to give an excuse to probably charge more money for a poor value for money bike. Plus why ft XC brakes to an alledged all trail bike? I’ve got X2’s on my HT and M4’s on my other full susser and dread to think how poor the X2’s would cope on the 5. The Cube has formula The One’s which are like the X2’s and M4’s put together!

    You’re all entitled to your opinion, but I love it.

    I likey muchly. But you can’t beat an Orange Orange.

    geordie – what’s ‘all trail’?

    @bigdave. It looks like someone already did put a deposit down – only it wasn’t a monetary one.

    Tell you what, some folk are hard to please. It’s only a bicycle 🙂

    I thought it was alright myself… The whole thing could be made more stealthy with matt instead of gloss paint and the forks to match. Wouldn’t say no to it 🙂

    If you’re gonna call it blackout it needs to be properly black yes forks obviously but get rid of the green bits on the brakes, black hoses, black or grey graphics.

    Oh and for that much money I’d want better rims.

    I mean UNimpressed

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