Orange Five Pro Blackout

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The only trouble with free choice is that people are free to make the wrong choices, to paraphrase the philosopher and thelogian Thomas Aquinas. Orange and their custom paint options are a prime example – just because you can have a neon yellow swingarm with a pink frame and bright green rims doesn’t mean you should. To this end, Orange have decided that the best way to show true style and class is with a bit of understatement – enter the limited Five Pro Blackout.

They’ve produced twenty special versions of their ever-popular Five Pro trailbikes in the subtly sparkly Disco Black finish, kitted out with as much British made kit as possible. There are black and green Special Edition Hope Tech X2 brakes, headset and QRs, plus Ti bolts to up the bling.

Super rare Hope stoppers...

You have to move fast if you want one – head to the Orange Bikes website HERE to find out more…

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