Midweek Movies

by Matt Letch 18

I don’t know why people hate Mondays so much, hopefully the glow from the weekend will last you through the first day of the week – sometimes it can keep me going through till Tuesday if I’ve got some pictures from the weekend  to look at or a Sunday scab  to pick. Wednesday is the worst day. It’s still three days till freedom from your oppressors and clock watching won’t make that time go any quicker.

Hopefully though these videos will – The normal melee of riding, crashing, skating of course (No dog cruelty this week either)  there’s even some Road riding and vertigo inducing madness.

First of  some trail scouting with Ash from Trail Addiction – (We hate him for it) He was only whining to me last night that he doesn’t get to ride enough. Whatever.

Geoff Waugh – He’s a good bloke – not bad at pictures either – Well here he’s embracing the darkside twice. Road riding and Video.

You’ll never complain about arm pump again – or calf cramps for that matter after seeing this – the amazing Ueli Steck and his speed solo Eiger record.

Here’s a Little Vid that Tim March from Albion BMX Mag has been playing on Facebook.
Youth, BMX, booze and betting. GET IN!

At Home With : Marv from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

At Home With : Marv from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Nice seeing Fabien Back up and ripping

Back to school back to the old school – Palmer tearing it up (The worse music ever – you have been warned)

I know you’ve been waiting for the skating – Ronnie Creager was 37 in January and is still as rad as an expletive!

Happy 37th Ronnie from aaron brown on Vimeo.

Till next week..

Comments (18)

  1. Liking the picture of Max Headroom.

  2. That Eiger vid is s.i.c.k. 8-o

  3. Trail Scouting vid. Is it just me whos shouting ‘do him on the inside’ at every corner?

  4. huge amounts of want for those trails on the trail addiction vid

  5. I couldn’t watch the trail addiction vid. Jealousy is a bad thing.

  6. Who was filming the climbing & summit stuff on the Eiger Vid (apart from the heli shots obviously :).

    Bonkers though – you can see why so many top climbers are killed doing the sport they love!!

  7. “Worst music ever…..”, pah! Downset rawk! And metulz makes you gnar!

    Enjoy your Kings of Leon guys XP.

  8. that ‘location X’ place looks like the beaufortain to me…

    have had some lovely rides round there, guided by bikevillage. hope it doesn’t get too busy…

  9. Respect due to themanfromdelmonte, can’t believe the mighty Downset are getting dissed.

  10. For people interested in the Eiger, this is a must watch whilst it’s still available on iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00tlwj3/The_Eiger_Wall_of_Death/

  11. anyone know what helmet Barel is wearing – the pisspot with a peak about 40secs in?

  12. themanfromdelmonte is right, Downset are great! Metal puts balls on your chest…or something.

  13. brakes:

    title sponsor of the event dude.. Urge…


  14. ‘The worse music ever’

    is that english?

  15. street skating has to be the dullest thing to watch after cricket.

  16. I’d forgotten how much shaun palmer is like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.. huh huh huh.

  17. Shaun Palmer music – rocked!

  18. Uncled is wrong. and crocodilian and themanfromdelmonte and audiophile in different ways but still wrong ;]

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