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With the Royal Wedding coming up, we’re sure the last thing you want is to be distracted from all the work you need to get done this short week so you can scurry home and get the bunting sorted out. Well, tough luck. Stop icing the face of Kate Middleton on your fairy cakes and get your eye holes on this lot.

A tenuous theme for this week you say? Here’s some of the royalty of mountain biking pissing about in the original ‘high-concept’ mountain bike film, Chainspotting. It’s got all the old faces in there including Mr Royal Racing himself, Steve Peat. Don’t they all look young…

We’ll continue with a Royal theme – what do they like doing? Polo of course, it’s the sport of Kings. We couldn’t find any bike fox hunting sadly – it’s much more underground.

It’s the Air King in Vienna! Plenty of flips, whips and tight jeans as Sam Pilgrim takes victory. Just to digress for a moment, what are the chances of there being a Vienetta at the Wedding?

Let’s scrape the barrel – it’s Prince and ‘If I was your Girlfriend’. It’s like writing radio intros for Cheese FM here. We’re taking the theme too far.

Thought we were running out of steam? Are we hell – we were hunting for a Fox video and we found this. Here’s a pair of McCauls doing some shredding. Wear the Fox hat? Yes, they do/looks a bit like California.

Just to be fair to the other Fox (the ones who do Shox) here’s some of their non-bike petrol powered stuff in action. It’s a weird mix of desert race and 4×4 trials…

That’ll do you for now. Any obvious Royalty/biking video based punnery we’ve missed? Put a link in the the comments and we’ll add it…

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