Midweek Mini Movies

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It’s the middle of the week and it’s time to be distracted from whatever pressing work matters you have. Rationalising the workflow and managing throughput will have to wait.

Jack Reading and the boys from This Is Sheffield have had a sunny trip to Malaga. Instead of getting into fights with locals or contracting some hideous STDs they’ve been doing a bit of training. Mind you, it’s so dusty round here at the moment that they could have stayed home…

Here’s another serving of skills tips from Campbell Coaching. This week it’s time to learn how to do a manual wheel lift – which comes in rather handy on any number of mountain bike obstacles, not just looking super sweet as you manual down the high street.

More dust! How long before we get tired of it and demand the rain back eh? Some nice tech riding near the valley here…

The Nuke Proof Mega has been causing a bit of a buzz. Enough travel and strength for serious ragging and light enough to be pedalled back up. Here’s Nigel Page of the CRC/Nuke Proof team running us through the features…

It’s short and sweet but here’s that Chris Akrigg blowing people’s minds to pieces on the new Lee Quarry pump track. Where the hell does he get his pop? The lovely Mr Tony Lund of Lancashire County Council sent this one over…

Ali C from Inspired Bikes sent us this video from Mark Westlake has just put together a new video featuring “underground” street/trials riders from the UK scene. Check out the Clean blog for more

Matt demanded skateboarding so here it is; some massive tricks and slams. Turn the music down unless you really like Slayer…

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Comments (18)

    If I go shopping in Tescos and filmed it in black+white would I be part of an ‘underground shopping’ scene?? Or maybe black+white dog walking could be underground?
    Nice riding but ‘underground’? really? Its in public, in daylight, with people around!

    that Inspired Bikes vid… the clicking! never ending clicking… hope have a lot to answer for… 😛
    IMO, what helped Mr MacAskill, was not just oodles of talent, but also a well put together, well edited vid with a catchy soundtrack. Some of talent on display in that vid could well have done with some of that. 10 mins is a loooong vid…

    And Slayer? it suits the (mental!) subject material!
    Good vids this week.

    harsh judgements

    Loved the Clean Video. Nicely scored and just the right length, if you watch it a few more times. Cheers

    akrigg – great rider, but no helmet isn’t setting a great example is it?

    can’t beat a bit of slayer 🙂 Spirit in Black from seasons in the abyss

    Really bad technique in the first few seconds of the Campbell “coaching” video. Ride a hardtail and learn to lift the rear wheel over obstacles before ploughing through them on a 6″ travel bike.

    the insoired bikes vid is excellent, no big gaps etc , just riding so dialled it looks effortless, love all the manuals and stuff they make it look so easy, yet anyone who’s tried to do it will know otherwise..

    Im sat on a oil rig 190miles from land and these vids are making me desprate to get back for some biking the spinning bike in a metal containers just not getting the juices flowing. Great clips good see people putting the effort in to film it and put it up for everyone to see theres some great skill out there thats inspiring us all. And for those that critises the titles and how its shot or if its black and white then you need to put down the daily mail and just enjoy it or get out and do it yourselves and we can rate your efforts

    Akrigg – set an example, wear a helmet.

    oh yea, and nukeproof mega.. i want one 🙂

    Bigspin and the 360 down the stairs were awesomazing. I love the way the crowds’ cheer becomes a heavy metal growl when slowed down! The DH vid was good fun, nice and quick. The trials stuff was very tech; but it just gets samey to me after a while (trials, not DH).

    Herman Shake – 0.45 That massive heel flip is Switch!! ;^O

    “wear a helmet”

    oh purlease!

    Those Campbell technique vids cover stuff that seems to come quite naturally to me. No doubt next time I try to manual over an obstacle I’ll think about all he said and balls it up

    Nothing wrong with a bit of critique, regardless of whether you can do better or not. I couldn’t make a film like The Phantom Menace but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion (it’s poop).

    The idea of the Clean vid is that it is completely about the riding, no fancy camera work, no fancy editing and totally stripping it down. I watched Lifecycles and didn’t enjoy it at all but most people love it.

    You can say it’s underground because it’s such a niche sport, much like there is a small underground movement of xc riders being fixed.

    Saying it was repetitive amused me too, Dirt jumpers, downhillers etc are never repeating the same stuff are they?

    But yeah, I respect your opinions, a bit of constructive criticism can help.

    PS, Akkers is a git! I wanted to do that line lol

    Wish I’d wasted my yoof in a different way and learnt to skate!

    I’m all about two-wheels-good-four-wheels-bad, but, once again, it’s the skateboarding vid that widened my eyes the most.

    Slayer helped.

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