Halo British Downhill Series Round 2 – Moelfre

by singletrackjon 11

Last weekend saw the second round of the Halo BDS in Moelfre, North Wales. It’s a fast, open track anyway but thanks to the glorious weekend weather it was even quicker with dry and dusty being the order of the day and some seriously fast boys and girls turning up to race.

Gee Atherton took first place – not surprising as the track isn’t too far from the Atherton’s Welsh home – with Steve Peat second and Brendan Fairclough third.

In Elite women Emmeline Ragot took first with Ffion Griffiths in second and Jess Stone in third.

Full results are on www.rootsandrain.com.

Here’s a rather nice edit from Chris Seager which sums up the weekend’s action – check out friend of Singletrack, Mr Mats Lund having a rather unfortunate off during practise at 2.05. Get well soon Swede!


Sam Royston has fired us over a gallery of shots from the event – see more of his work at www.samroystonphotography.co.uk or on Roots and Rain.

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  1. looks good . great video and nice soundtrack.

  2. Enjoyed that, bring on the world cup!

  3. Very nice.

    Is Mr Atherton riding a Giant Glory with Commencal livery or do my eyes deceive me??

  4. That course looks whack! is that the best we can offer as a national track? I think not!

  5. Great to see Dan not far off at 9th, what a trooper!

  6. 2:02. Please replace that divot.

  7. Minnelium – He did. Really.

    If you’ve not ridden it, Moelfre is a proper, full on and high speed track and a more than worthy place to hold a round of the national series…

  8. high5 sam on the pics 🙂

  9. What’s the tune on the vid? I want!

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