RaceFace Circus of Dirt XC Series returns…

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Shred Event’s Circus of Dirt XC race series will return for 2011 with RaceFace as the title sponsor. There are going to be five rounds across the South West of England, taking in some lovely, singletrack packed woodland courses with

It will be dusty and buff too - honest.

totally new venues like Hustyn’s Wood in Cornwall to old favourites like Plymouth’s Newnham Park.

Each event will deliver a fun day of bike racing paired up with courses that deliver technical but hugely rewarding terrain.

The RaceFace Circus of Dirt is aimed at riders of all ages and abilities and the series aims to offer something for anyone that loves to ride a mountain bike. Each event will follow the same format with a one or two hour Enduro Challenge in the morning followed up by a XC race in the afternoon – which will rank for BC points.

Participating bike shops in the South West region will also be offering a free Enduro entry and skills training package to new bike purchasers as part of the series’ unique ‘Rookie Rides’ element.

Shred Events Director Maddie Horton is delighted with the way the series is shaping up, “The point of the series is simple – to get everyone with a mountain bike to come and ride and if you don’t have a mountain bike then go and buy one in a local shop and we’ll give you your first ever mountain biking event for free. It would be great to get to the end of the summer and see a list of people that have chosen to buy their first bike, or their next bike, in the region and then put it to good use at our events, it’s good for the local bike industry, good for us and good for the rider too”

Pete Drew from Silverfish is also really enthusiastic about what the tie-up means, “Circus of Dirt presents a package that we feel will not only deliver something for the racer but also something the guys in our office would want to do and something for total beginners. The RaceFace brand has something for people at all stages of their life-long mountain biking obsession so it seemed the perfect tie-up”

There will also be a free RaceFace Circus of Dirt t-shirt for series pre-entries before April 1st as well as a British Cycling Go-Ride Event for under 12s at every round. The organisers also promise decent food – no floured baps – and courses that are fun and technically challenging.

Round 1: Sunday 10th April (Hustyns Wood – Bodmin)

Round 2: Sunday 1st May (Newnham Park – Plymouth)

Round 3: Sunday 3rd July (Abbeyford Woods – Okehampton)

Round 4: Sunday 7th August (Idless Woods – Truro)

Series Finale: Saturday 3rd September (Coombe Sydenham – Taunton)

To enter call 01752 663666 and pay with credit/debit card or enter online at www.shredevents.com


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  1. Enduro = number of laps you can complete in the time given. XC race = set number of laps

  2. To clarify, the enduro is aimed squarely at the beginners and existing fun cat riders. The ones who want the challenge without some shaven legged, Deep Heat scented meat head sweating on them in the singletrack. They will complete as many laps as they can, or want to, within the alloted time. It is not a race, there will be no podium and prizes will be of the ‘spot’ variety awarded to the weird, wonderful and unfortunate.

  3. ^^
    “without some shaven legged, Deep Heat scented meat head sweating on them in the singletrack.”
    -I didn’t realise you’d shaved your legs Jay. 😉

  4. Could someone tell me why it cost £21 to enter the xc race??? seems a bit expensive, do you win a bike for 1st prize??? would be a nice gesture if they gave everyone who enters a free T shirt like the Newnham 60.

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