Midweek Mini Movies

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The middle of the week has landed and it’s spring outside. Really, look, it’s Official Spring. It’s time to dust off the hack bike and ride to work and if you do that already, you’ll probably start enjoying it now. Longer days mean you’ll soon be able to squeeze in a couple of hours of battery-free riding in the evening too. To keep you occupied between now and the next time you can sling a leg over a bike, here’s the usual lunchtime serving of video…

Look at the dust – admittedly it is on the volcanic Cape Verde islands, but basically this is what event the boggiest bits of North Wales will look like in a couple of months. It’s Rowan Sorrell at the Urge Cabo Verde and it’s probably got more than your recommended daily allowance of drifting and power wheelies, shot by the guys from Genepi films. Rowan and his guys from Back on Track have finished work at Lee Quarry now and we’ll be heading up there shortly to take a look. Nothing to do with wanting to go and ride, honest.

The people over at Osprey packs decided the best way to test their new high capacity Escapist series of packs was to send them where no wheel has gone before, into the Upper Mustang Region of Nepal. The video was shot by Dan Milner and the trail took 12 days to complete with a climb of over 17,000 metres. A genuine epic. More dust too…


Here’s a bit of BMX for you – it’s Mark Webb and this, apparently, is an Average Day. The backflip to stall is mental – more mental than the rest we should say.


Stu from MTBCut has been following CRC/Nukeproof team riders Matt Simmonds and Joe Smith in their pre season build up. It’s a glimpse into the life of a pro mountain biker – plenty of riding and ragging with some cross country and even road riding thrown in.


The boys from Wideopenmag have made another banger of a video from the start of the UK downhill season at Nant Gwytheryn. There’s plenty of footage in there of the new Orange 322 and the MTBCut team in action and you can see what we meant by Peaty having a big moment at 2.12…


Elbry Sandland, he of Rider Run Co (and other) fame, posted this video of him on his new Mountain Cycles Rumble, riding the natural trails of Haldon.


Here’s this week’s serving of freak, with the 36er. Both wheels are staggeringly huge (36″ are the biggest tyres you can get for unicycling) and we kinda of like the weird steampunk future retro looks…


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    That 36er is the stupidest thing I’ve seen all week.

    imagine getting your tie stuck in between those wheels!

    Loving the decade-to-the-roof

    …and only Elbry could nail something so uber rad gnarly to the max!!111!1

    (of ‘other’ fame, yes… well put STW)

    Looks like he needs to put the saddle up on the 36er

    No toe overlap on the 36er. Not far off wheel overlap though.

    is the new escapist guy really gonna climb twice the height of everest? somehow i doubt it

    jeeeeeeeeebus webbo! keep tryin’, son.

    “glentress death zone” =D

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