Fresh Goods

by Matt Letch 12

Let’s cut to the chase. It helps soak up a Friday afternoon and it gives endless opportunities to argue with your mates about the benefits of various new mountain bike products down the pub in the evening. Yep it’s Fresh Goods Friday!

We also have to warn you it’s a little bit sparse in “exciting stuff”. There’s plenty of material to cover your nether regions and there’s lots of ways not to get lost. Hopefully next week we’ll back to the normal “How much?!” and other products that combine both lust and indignation in your hearts.


A Multitude of Shorts from Altura this week. Including some that only the Brits would get.

Apex Short £79.99

The Altura Apex is the where the buck stop for Altura.


• Highly durable multi fabric construction
• Stretch crotch and rear panels for riding comfort
• Removable 6 panel inner short with proGEL insert (available separately)
• Triple popper waist closure and zip fly
• Rear waist adjusters
• Zip leg vents and side pockets

Women’s Quantum 3/4’s£54.99

Women’s specific trail 3/4 with a removable padded liner.

Fatigue Baggy £44.99


•     Hardwearing, soft touch stretch fabric

•     Belt loops and double popper waist

•     Hand, rear and cargo pockets

Semi Dry Baggy Shorts£49.99

Well we guess Gore started the trend with the Alpine shorts all those years ago.

The Semi Dry shorts have dry panels where you need them (on your bum and back of your legs) and more breathable fabric where you don’t need the waterproof panels.
Available in a 3/4’s as well

Women’s Specific Apex as well.


X 2…

New Cicerone Guide to the Lakes by Ian Boydon £12.95

Charge Spoon Saddle £24.99

We like Spoon saddles in the office. Honest comfortable saddles with a nice bit of concave and don’t make you bankrupt.


Naughty Knogster’s expletive-based fingerless gloves.

Nice USB-rechargable lights


The Marketing Guy at Finisterre is permanently “stoked” or “super stoked “. So much so that they had to make a synthetic base layer for him to be stoked in as he was making the wool ones catch on fire (possibly). Anyway, £30.00. Feels dead nice to touch.

Muc Off

Dirty Work Wipes. They are really ace for getting cr*p off anything (probably would get nail varnish off your toes). Smells nice. Good for cleaning up scenes of crimes as well £2.99


We’ve honestly not got the foggiest what any of this stuff does – but both Mark and Chipps love it. More to follow soon.

Blackburn Atom Sl £19.99

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Speed tendency
  • Speed comparator
  • Trip distance
  • Odometer
  • Trip timer
  • Digital clock
  • Auto scan
  • Auto power ON/OFF
  • Km/Mile Selectable
  • Limited lifetime warranty

‘Til next week folks!

We promise some more exciting stuff then.

Comments (12)

  1. The Garmin external battery pack looks suspiciously like a Powermonkey Explorer! Any idea if it is compatible with a gpsmap 62s?

  2. I’m really stoked on those cute dogs.

  3. Just been hunting round Garmins website, and it is a Powermonkey Explorer with a bike mount, and it is compatible with a gpsmap62 so I’ve bought one from Wiggle 🙂

  4. My Endura Humvees have exploded again. Might try the Altura ones next.

  5. Most exciting thing for me was the book. And the saddle, but I already have that.

    That’s a lot for a synthetic base layer.

  6. Those gloves are awesome. Gotta get me some of those!!!


  7. Had four pairs of Apex shorts and they have all gone back,buttons coming off the waistband and bad stitching the problems,one pair looked like a two year old had made them and were returned without even wearing them!
    Shame as they are a great shape/fit.

  8. “looks suspiciously like a Powermonkey Explorer!”

    It says that on the box!

  9. I really wouldn’t want to have to explain those gloves to mums bringing their young chidren into my shop.

  10. great to see more choice for the ladies.

  11. Computer test coming up?

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