Pass’portes Du Soleil 2011

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It’s the largest mountain bike event in France and involves 80km of riding with 6,000m of descending and all for just 1,000m of self powered uphill thanks to 15 lifts. Yup, the Pass’portes du Soleil is back for 2011. Originally a race but now a more relaxed MTB randondée affair, it takes in some of the best riding the Alps of France and Switzerland have to offer in the huge Portes Du Soleil area.

As well as taking in the honeypot resorts of Les Gets and Morzine, it covers seven of the less well known towns in the region and it’s an excellent way to get a taste of the riding on offer in each place as well as being a challenging and rewarding day out in it’s own right. There will be eight food stops to keep you going and from past experience they’re a meat, cheese and beer filled antidote to any events that think energy drinks are an acceptable reward for hard riding.

Held on the weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th of June, you can start at any time between 8am and 9am from any of the resorts (although getting an early start is usually a bright idea) and as the event marks the first weekend of the lift system being open in the area it’s great kick off the summer season.

Entry opens this Thursday the 10th February from 9am GMT and places are expected to fill fast. For more information go to

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  1. what a great event one day matbe

  2. It’s great every year for the last 7! not this year though 🙁

  3. Ha, we are going instead Fran – there is room in the van/chalet you know.

  4. It’s a great event until you get lumbered behind some lycra clad Euro weenie being a pussy on the only decent bit of single track and they refuse to get out of your way.

  5. Geetee, ops, sorry about that. Must have been me! Your description fits me down to a tee, well all except the “weenie” bit, unless 15.5 stn counts as weenie!

  6. If anyone is still looking for accommodation during the PDS event then get in touch and we can help find you something. It gets really busy and accommodation gets booked up fast. It’s a brilliant day out and a great chance to check out new gear and equipment. The bike show is being held in Les Gets this year. Check out the PDS teaser movie

  7. This is my first year doing this event – I can’t wait !!!!

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