Midweek Mini Movies


Urge Cabo Verde

The epic Urge Cabo Verde race has just happened in the small island archipelago of Cape Verde off the coast of Western Africa. Taking in some 6,000m of high speed, technical descending, 14 of the World’s best riders were invited to take part. This video’s all in French but it’s well worth it once the volcano plummeting madness starts. If you’d like to buy the exct same shiny Orange Alpine 160 Rowan Sorrell is riding in this vid, then take a look HERE

Cy from Cotic talks engineering

The man behind the popular Soul and BFe hardtails (amongst others) talks to a fresh crop of mechanical engineers at this IMechE lecture in Sheffield.

Tara Llanes

Shot by Aaron Larocque, this is a moving portrait of what happens when someone whose whole world revolves around cycling becomes paraplegic but refuses to give up their sport.

When All Else Fails, Try Wales

Croeso i Cymru, cariad. The guys from Wide Open Mag make some cracking stuff and this is no exception, the first in a series of looks at the Welsh riding scene. Super fast pinning through the woods of South Wales. Cau dy ceg.

Herts Shore Reflections

The secret Herts Shore is a pretty special place and this is a nice and chilled edit of Jedi and Stophe riding there. We shot our third instalment of Be A Better Rider there with Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle of UK Bike Skills covering the Mind Tricks you need to improve your riding…

Team Pickle make a cable cam

Cable cams are all the rage nowadays, so here’s how to make one on a budget with some climbing rope and a few bits from a DIY place. It’s then tested out on the Beast in the Peaks. There are some full instructions HERE if you fancy slinging a few hundred quid’s worth of camera between two trees…

Bike Gymnastics


The Edge

Female Scottish racers Bex Reilly and Katy Winton have made a short video of their riding, training and general mucking about. Katy’s now on the Kinesis Morvelo Project team, so expect to see plenty more of her in the future…

Sam Oakes 2010 Showreel

It’s noisy, it’s rowdy, it’s got more whips than a Tory peer and more crashes than Microsoft software. Banging.


    The Guy from team Pickles wears Crocs. That’s all I’m saying ;]

    Well, bye bye Wednesday morning.

    Like the laughing boys in the Try Wales video. Some good riding too. That guys was lucky to walk away from the tree – head crash.

    Anyone know where the last Cy video is? Does it go past 6?

    So no my umming and errring has reached a huge audience. Wonderful 😉

    There’s no vid past Part 6. That was the start of the Q&A which lasted well over an hour, but they weren’t set up to record the questions. Also, probably sick of listening to me dribble on by that point. Was good fun to do that though.

    Where is the skiing video this week?

    I really want to see the Singletrack video responses to the Gymnastic championship…..Hmmm (wonders how stable a turbo trainer is??)

    Watched the ImechE stuff the other day, was very interesting. Well done Cy.

    Cy, the “components we can sell you to help with your build” section of your website (on the hemlock page) isn’t working for me. It’s not working on the BFe page either, but all the rest of the drop down sections seem ok…

    Pickle cam was ace. Can I get a glamorous assistant to help me build one too?

    Could have done with a NSFW warning on the Welsh video chaps… or has the bad language ‘thing’ fallen by the wayside?

    Really liked the pickle on – well edited, funny and interesting

    @Brooker99 – Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into it. Can you email me what browser you’re using? Thanks.

    Beast cablecam video is nice.