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Welcome to this week’s Midweek Movies. We’re going to kick it off with episode 2 of Transition Bike’s Lars n Bars. This time Lars is joined by Evil Bike’s Luke Strobel to make the super sickest and sweetest downhill bike video ever made. Ticks every downhill video cliche there is – the two bike crossover section is particularly brilliant.

Felix Urbauer’s Framed is a profile of Giant rider Andi Wittman and a pilot for a film he hopes to make. We really hope he does. Shot on he increasingly popular Red One amongst other things, it’s absolutely brilliant made and utterly inspiring. Looks like it’s shot in the Swiss Alps too…

The worst thing about Midweek Movies is having to watch videos made by people that live in sunny countries where the worst of the winter involves some dry, brown leaves. We’re not bitter. With this in mind, here’s a video made by Doug from Basque MTB, who’s been enjoying just such a winter…

Olly Townsend made this video of cyclocross riding on the South Downs during the dusty and beautiful summer we’re so far away from.

To counteract the ‘cross, here’s Travis Pastrana ragging it up the seven miles of the Mt Washington hillclimb in his Red Bull Subaru. Quite. Fast.

Comments (12)

  1. The second video actually made me shiver.

  2. the back-flip is awesome.

    (no cyclo-cross vid there at the moment, just 2 copies of the fantastic hillclimb vid)

  3. Yup – that Framed movie is very special

  4. Framed is like being in a wee dream. Amazing.

    Is it just me or does Pastrana’s co-driver say ‘jiggy jiggy’ at one point? 🙂

  5. AWESOME !!! I’m off riding now

  6. Love the CX fil, feeling a little home sick now. Whereabouts is that singletrack in the trees as I recognise everywhere else in the film?

  7. 2’40” into the travis pastrana video, is that someone standing at side of road with their trousers round their ankles?

  8. Not a rant or oat, but do you think you could do your videos in iPad friendly format, what with the mag being iPad friendly and all that. It would save me flitting from here to the pc and back, please….

  9. South Downs woody singletrack looks like The top end of Stanmer to me. Not sure where the track with the drop to the left is tho’

  10. Glad you approve of my ‘cross film 🙂

    Most of the woody singletrack is indeed Stanmer Park. The chalk singletrack with the drop is one of those *ahem* very early morning bridleways, so I might have “forgotten” exactly where it is I’m afraid 😉

  11. the Basque winter is like our summer, i want to cry

  12. That second vid is excellent, loving the 720 !

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