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If you fancy a bit of endurance racing this summer then you probably can’t go far wrong by heading up to Kielder Forest in Northumberland for the second instalment of the popular Kielder Calling enduro event. Sponsored by Purple Mountain and British

Kielder Calling Enduro
Go Forth and ride...

Cycling, the race is going to be held over the bank holiday weekend 28-29th May 2011 and will again feature what the organisers say is some first class, all weather fast flowing singletrack and forest fireroad making up the seven mile course in the wild forest setting.

The race has been slightly reworked with a fresh course and race format from last year, the three hour Junior/Novice race and six hour Enduro being held on the Saturday with the main 12 hour event on the Sunday. Categories extend from solo, pairs to teams of four across all races and the first 50 entrants will receive a pair of MTB Extreme Sox worth £8.

With Osprey and On-One supporting the event, podium finishers can expect to receive some fantastic prizes. There will be some great give aways in the event goodie bag along with an event medal for every competitor.

Alongside the weekend’s race action there will be a full event arena with demo bikes, trade stands with all the latest kit and tech support. Camping facilities, along with on-site catering and a BBQ, will be available all weekend and will be only a stone’s throw from the action.

Further information can be found at the Kielder Calling website:

You can also enter online at

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  1. I’d give it a go, but forgive me for being cynical, how can the entry fee be so much? £40 to ride round a trail centre? no thanks.

  2. ir_bandito: It’s true that you could ride around a trail centre for 12 hours, ride down a downhill track or that you could cross the Alps or Rockies without having to pay anyone to organise it – but what your money gets you at an event like this is the camping, an organised race with timing, medics to pick you up if you’re broken and all those little things that take time and effort to set up, as well as the camaraderie of having a couple of hundred fellow riders competing at the same time.

    All depends on what you value for your money I guess… 😉

  3. mr. bandito, there’s also the prizes 😉

    I regularly do the Kielder Marathon races, which are £25 for a 3 hr race. At £36, the 6hr enduro looks ok and there’s some free socks if you enter soon.

  4. Even a quick and rudimentary £/midgey bite analysis shows this event to be exceptional value.

  5. So how come the Dyfi enduro is £22.50? What does my extra £17.50 give me?
    Jon – entry fees shouldn’t go towards prizes. Fee goes to the organisation, prizes come from sponsors who may also pay towards organisation, and get a chance to promote their products.

  6. Will is right no where else comes close in MBVFM

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