Scottish Bike Show announces new exhibitors

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News from Rowan about the Scottish Bike Show, taking place in Glasgow on the 16th-17th April at the SECC. As well as the new exhibitors Singletrack will also be present to meet and greet and offer subscriptions, T shirts and much more…

“Already the show is ramping up (excuse the pun) and we are all geared (sorry) to 16th – 17th April, Glasgow, SECC!

A bike show with this nearby? Really. Pic by Andy McCandlish

We are delighted to announce the arrival of eight new exhibitors since the last time we were in touch, including, BSD, Dig BMX Mag, Unit 23, Select Holidays Ltd, Continental, Pocket Mountains Ltd, Ironwood and Purple Harry!

BSD have confirmed to be the main centre feature of the show with a massive BMX display. BSD are a BMX manufacturer based in Glasgow with their own BMX team (including some of the best riders in the UK) who
will be performing over the 2 days. They will also be sharing a stand with Unit 23 (biggest indoor BMX and skate park in the whole of the UK) and Dig BMX Magazine (one of the best BMX mags in the world).

Scotland’s BMX sensation Kriss Kyle will be leading out the show and the boys from BSD who have been performing at Interbike in Vegas for the past 3 years are performing at home and promise this will be a large scale
display, quite like Scotland has never seen before.

With less than 3 months to go, space is filling up on the exhibition floor now guys, so please click here to confirm your space. You would be mad not to!

Tickets can be found here at ticketsoup. They’re only £5.50 for kids and £7.50 for adults.

Stay tuned for more news each week… …we are getting excited already, I hope you are too!

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    Will the Tandem Jeremey Appreciation society be having a large stand there as well

    All very well having a bike show in Scotland but there seems to be a real lack of actual bike manufacturers or retailers appearing at the show. Sorry, not enough to justify me giving up my Saturday ride.

    I’m kinda with ou on that one bigG I live in glasgow and at the momment there isnt really anything to make me want to attend

    only two bike retailers that i can see and no manufacturers???

    bit like having a car show without ford, bmw, VW, nissan etc etc etc

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