Montane Dyno Jacket

by Matt Letch 0


Tested: Three months

Price: £90.00

Okay, I’m not going to beat about the bush here. I love this jacket. I know I love it because it’s perpetually dirty and smells pretty bad most of the time – always a sign of winner.

The Montane Dyno Jacket is part of Montane’s soft shell range. It’s made from Pertex Equilibrium ECO which is a really closely knitted fabric – so closely knitted  that its incredibly wind proof without the need for a laminate or a membrane.

On top of that Equilibrium ECO is 100% post consumer recycled polyester and is fully recyclable once it comes to the end of it’s usable life.

The description of  this garment as a softshell is a bit of misnomer in my opinion. Yes, the jacket has a softer more natural feel than your average windproof/waterproof but it doesn’t have any static insulation built into – it’s definitely a shell and if you want insulation you’ll need to layer some under it.

It’s cut in the now classic modern mountain jacket style –  slightly longer on the back – slim cut – two chest pockets – a stiffened peaked hood with volume adjuster. Cuffs are simple elasticised affairs with no velcro or adjusters.

In use the thing that I really liked about the Dyno is the balance of breathability to weather protection. It would cope admirably with quite heavy rain , but due to the lack of membrane or coating it was incredibly breathable. It comes with a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) using wash in Nixwax TX 10 as a proofer – when the jacket does stop beading up, you can just chuck it in the wash (if you take it off for long enough) with some more Nixwax and you have a very weather resistant jacket again.

Overall: Simply cut, good on the bike and pretty handy for most other outdoor activites. If you buy a Dyno it’ll quickly become one of your favourite outdoor garments, just wash it occasionally.


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  1. Second all of that. Got one last week. Love it already, great look, fit and form. Good blurring of bike wear and outdoor wear.

    Friends like the look too.

  2. I got one over new year. It’s ace I have to say. Ski randoneé, mountain biking, and even jogging.. not that I do that that often. I did have to wash it yesterday though as it was getting a little smelly… love it though.

  3. Matt your riding with skinny bars, what is happening man? 😉

  4. I’m not usually a brand fanboy, but I love Montane stuff.

    Works really well, is very durable and looks great.