20th Anniversary Polaris Challenge

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The Polaris Challenge has been a staple of British mountain biking as long as anyone in the office can remember and it came as a bit of a surprise to find that it’s been going for twenty years now – although not surprising, as Singletrack Magazine has it’s tenth birthday coming up in a month. My, aren’t we all getting grown up? Anyway, the guys from Polaris dropped us a line to say that they’ve got something extra special planned for their anniversary, see below for details…

“To celebrate the 2011 Polaris Challenge, the guys at Polaris have teamed up with the organisers of the OMM, the largest Mountain Marathon adventure race in the UK, to create a premium edition 20th anniversary event. We are pleased to announce that the two day orienteering based event will continue in its original great format; allowing you to do as much or as little riding over the weekend as you prefer.

It works like this...

2011 will also see the addition of two new off road sportives; short and elite way marked enduro courses taking in some of the best riding the Peak has to offer. The weekend will feature a Saturday evening 20th anniversary pasta party and a host of 20th anniversary goodies & prizes will be available for competitors.

..and the riding will look like this.

The 20th Challenge will be in the Dark Peak and is to be held on the weekend of 25/26th June. Entry for all the events will be available mid February via www.theomm.com

See you on the start line!”

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    After wanting to do one of these and finally getting entered to do one last year for it to be cancelled – I’m well up for this!!

    Last years Polaris was the most fun I’ve had racing for a long time…

    celebrating 20 years of the Polaris, by not running a spring event, not running an Autumn event, and not running a proper self supported, overnight remote camp event!
    And if thats not enough, they run the summer event on the same weekend as Glastonbury.

    I love the Polaris, this is a crying shame.

    Talking to Roger at the end of last summer’s PC, the plan is to get the proper PC running again, maybe this autumn. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.

    I like the idea of having the enduro event running at the same time. From my (limited) experience, the formats attract different types of rider. Should add to the mix on the campsite too.

    I know what you mean about Glastonbury, but it’s virtually impossible to get a summer weekend that doesn’t clash with some other event.

    An Autumn event this year would be ace! I have been disappointed before tho, Polaris were supposed to run a spring and Autumn event in previous years and binned them. There hasnt been a non summer event since the last Autumn one ran by Detail events. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much, but Polaris Challenge is my favourite mountain biking event by far. Especially the full fat format.

    I have similar feelings – got all excited at a 20th anniversary event and OMM tie up as I was sure it would be a “proper” Polaris, and something I’d make an effort to do. Maybe the 25th anniversary…

    Then again I’d be almost as happy with a revival of the 3 stage format (with a night stage) tried out a few years ago.

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