Exclusive: Pretty Sweet Part 2

by singletrackjon 11

Here’s the second part of our exclusive showing of Pretty Sweet, a film about getting out into the hills and having adventures with friends. If you’ve missed the first part then you can find it HERE, and the third and final installment will be available on Friday, just in time for you to get out there yourself…

Each episode is only going to be available for 5,000 hits, so you’d best hurry up and catch it while you can…

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  1. Cheats. That last scene was at the start of part 1 😉

    Enjoyed that more than the first part, mainly because it reminded me of riding in Kitzbuhl a few years ago *sigh*

  2. Still not iPad compatible 🙁

  3. Nice control at 4.40ish

  4. Great vid, enjoyed that. Interesting music choice!

  5. Hey,
    Met those guys about half way down the Coire Lair descent going toward Achnashellach in Torridon!, must’ve been the same weekend they were filming, cracking weather. IIRC we gave them a couple of inner tubes as they had punctured and ran out, and they returned the favour at the bottom of the descent with a fire xc for me, as I ripped a yawning chasm in my tyre! (They got tea and cakes in return at the wee tearoom!).

    Well done guys. Really good video, nice to see one that isn’t an uberskilled god on a bike! – no offence meant!.

  6. sorry where is the trail at 2.20?

  7. very good vid. Congrats


  8. Who’s that song at the last part sounds 80ish ?

  9. Cheers for the comments guys

    Nobeer – Pleased to here that knackeredish tyre got you guys home. We actually filmed this in 2009 on the one dry morning we got in 4 days of rain. 2010 weather was stunning.

  10. mrmojo – the song is by a band called Wave Machines. Have a search for them

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