Christmas Panic Buying Ideas

by singletrackjon 7

If you still haven’t got a little something to put underneath the tree then you’ve really cut it fine, haven’t you? Three days are left now so the only way you’ll be getting anything is by braving the freezing cold and getting yourself to an actual, physical shop. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get your panic striken mind to think of what to get though. Don’t despair, we are here to save Chrimbo for the cyclists in your life.

The Knog Leading Dog

Cheeky Australians Knog make some rather tidy urban commuting gear, with stylishly different bags, lights and locks. They’re also the ever controversial sponsor of one of our calendar pages too. This is a urban over the shoulder bag that magically transforms into a front mounted bar pack with the attached mount. It’s made from heavy weight waxed canvas material with a big internal storage pocket plus three little extra internal organiser pockets for all your trinkets.

Price: £44.99

From: Moore Large & Co

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  1. “a front mounted saddle pack ”

    that will be a handlebar bag then?
    so not anywhere near the saddle (thats the seat shaped bit you sit on)

  2. Wow. It’s a man-bag. STW has reduced itself to touting antipodean man-bags. Dear lord…

  3. Yah, yah, but it’s like from Knog, yah? They’re like really, totally core, yah? Like Tarquin has got some of their lights on his whip, innit though. The one he totally like built for himself you get me? Their graphic design and text is so like totally now, you know? They’re really, really great.

    Bulldumps. Knog = Overpriced tat wrapped up in clever graphics and design.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know people still used terms like man-bag. Even the most bigoted man from small town Wales have bags nowadays. All cyclists should have a bag as it’s Euro.

  5. It’s not just a man bag – women are allowed to buy them too 😉

  6. man bag or not it looks crap
    End of

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