Christmas Panic Buying Ideas

by singletrackjon 6

Only four days left until you can gather the family around, get lightly drunk before lunchtime and then stuff yourselves silly with food that you don’t eat the rest of the year for some reason. Why can’t we eat pigs in blankets all year round? The great unveiling of who’s been got what will then arrive – and if you’re shopping for a mountain biker then the sad look on their face as another set of socks is brought out will haunt you for the rest of the day, no matter how much of Santa’s brandy you steal.

We’re here to help though, so here’s another suggestion for what to get, and this one is very ‘andy – geddit? You’d better get used to worse puns than that if you’re going to survive the cracker jokes…

The Andy Stand

It’s one of those things that someone really should have thought of before. A simple, cheap bike stand that, as well as holding you bike securely upright, lets you take wheels out, tweak gears while pedalling and remove forks without having to grub about on the floor. The stand holds the bike through any of the modern hollow BB axle designs out there, such as the kind seen on Shimano and Race Face cranksets. Made in Britain, you get a choice of colours and it’s  extremely unlikely to break, wear out or need maintenance beyond bending back into shape – and only then if you own one of Josh Bender’s cast off Karpiel depleted Uranium tubing bikes.

It’ll also arrive in a box shaped like a massive single chunk of Toblerone, which should keep the Christmas present shakers guessing for a while…

Price: £39.99 inc. postage or, as Andy points out £29.99 plus a tenner postage.

From: AndyStand

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  1. got one of these the other day- great idea- makes washing, tinkering and holding up your bike easy, even has clearance for big flat pedals so can be used for carpark repairs, perfect for holding the bike upright for easy washing of the whole bike, check the website to see if your chainset fits, fits my slx perfect- wish i thought of it a must have for a typical uk winter to look after your ride………

  2. and this one is very ‘andy – geddit?

    I can’t “stand” it.

  3. A great idea – sadly none of my 4 bikes have a hollow BB axle 🙁

  4. What is the splined shaped hole for? It needs a bottle opener too.

  5. Quote”What is the splined shaped hole for?”

    In case you want to remove your BB bearings??

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