AlpKit Christmas Compo

by singletrackjon 2

The guys over at Alpkit have sent us some information about their annual Christmas compo. This year you’ve got a chance to win one of their brand new six man tents. All the details you need to enter are below…
“Between the 1st of December and Christmas we are going to be revisiting the past 12 months at Alpkit. Each day we will pose a diabolical question that relates to something that happened at Alpkit from January through to December. The answers will be tricky, especially for people new to Alpkit, but with a little perseverance all of the answers can be found somewhere on the Alpkit website or Alpkit Facebook page.
The clues, 12 in total, will help competitors fill in a crossword which will in turn reveal a bonus anagram which can be used to double their number of correct entries. Competitors do not need to play everyday, but the more correct answers they submit will increase their chance of being drawn to win the grand prize.
The 2010 Christmas competition started on the 1st of December.
The prize – Alpkit 6 man basecamp tent

The model we are offering up as the competition prize is our largest model from the range of 3 mountain tents. Currently under the working title of the “Hex” it will sleep 6 in comfort and with plenty of internal height all but giants can stand up inside. Three large vestibule doors allow for versatile access as well as plenty of storage space. Storage inside the tent is taken care of via a multitude of pockets and hanging tabs. This really is a unique tent as much at home at the base of a 8000m peak as a beach campsite in Wales.
For more information about the competition visit:

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  1. Arrrgh. I’m now filling up an AlpKit shopping cart thanks to this prompt.

  2. This is a genius marketing ploy. Well Done!

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