Long Termers: Benji’s Pivot Mach 4

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Pivot Mach 4
From: Upgrade Bikes
Price: £1,599
(frame only)

Just a brief update for those wondering why I haven’t written about the Pivot Mach 4’s first ride.

Basically, despite a bit of tape measuring, research and consultation (and a bit of mutual conclusion-jumping it has to be said), I ended up with the wrong headset.

Somewhat amazingly there are two extremely similar zero-stack tapered standards available nowadays. And by extremely similar I mean that the difference between them is that the Outer Diameter (OD) of the bottom cup of one of the standards is 54.92mm and the OD of the bottom cup of the other one is 55.95mm.

The Mach 4 takes the standard with the 55.95mm OD bottom cup.

Guess which headset I ended up with?

Ah well. Not to worry. All a bit frustrating but it’s not the end of the world.

I still built up the bike with the rest of the stuff I had. I was just in the mood for bike building! And it shouldn’t be too much of a job to swap the headset over when I finally get the correct one really. So as and when the headset plops through my letterbox I can slap it in the bike and get riding it ASAP. Here it is…

About 1mm away from being rideable.

Fork: DT Swiss XMC100
Wheels: American Classic MTB 26
Brakes: Tektro Auriga Pro
Stem: Oval T800
Bars: Race Face Atlas
Shifters: Shimano XT
Front Mech: Shimano SLX E-Type
Rear Mech: Shimano XT Shadow
Chainset: FSA K-Force Lite
Chain: Sram
Seatpost: Crank Bros Joplin 4
Saddle: Prologo Vertigo Ti 1.4
Tyres: Geax Saguaro TNT 2.2
Pedals: Time Z-Control
Headset: Don’t ask…

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    Be interested to see how this goes – Brakes, Crankset, Forks in particular, as well as your take on the frame

    I prefer not to weigh bikes until I’ve had a couple of rides on them. Don’t want it to influence how I judge the feel of the bike etc. I’ll weigh it soon enough though and let y’all know 🙂

    I completely disagreed with the people who said this frame was fugly. I thought it was gorgeous.

    Now its built up I can see that they might have been right though.. This is one goddam strange looking bike 😮

    A bit of an odd build there in two places: A dropping seatpost? Time Z-control pedals? Two free-ride sort of features on an otherwise quite XCish build.

    The bars are 720mm wide too 🙂

    I want XC weight where it won’t unduly affect the bike’s handling/capability. Hence cage-pedals (I find non-cage Time pedals not as supportive in rough/hard corners etc). And a droppy post is great for flat-out, don’t-want-to-stop riding that takes in terrain where you don’t want a saddle jammed up your crotch.

    Should be fantastic. Looking forward to your updates.

    why didn’t you go for a 120mm fork? I’ve just ordered one and going to put a f120 rlc on there. I guess if I don’t like it i’ll put to down to 100mm.

    it just sounds like a 120mm fork would suit the riding you want to do, plus I’m keen to hear of what others think of the bike with a longer fork 🙂

    Oh well.
    At least if you run out of room on the radiator to dry stuff you could hang it off your rear brake hose.
    When the diffrence between a smile and frown can be measured in mm.
    Nice bike anyway, least you can look at it when there is nothing bu poo on t.v

    Stormdrain – over the next few weeks I’ll be putting different stuff on it. Starting with 100mm qr fork first. Will put 120mm bolt-thru (maybe tapered) on after that 🙂 p.s. the correct headset finally arrived and the bike is fully built properly. Debut ride on Monday!

    I think it looks ok to be honest. Be interesting to hear how it rides.

    Thought of doing a Flux verses a Mach 4 bike off review?

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