Dales Bike Centre wins award

by singletrackjon 12

Stu Price from the Dales Bike Centre has just dropped us a line to tell us about the latest award they’ve received. Last Friday Stuart and Brenda were presented with the ‘Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority – Best Building Design Award 2010’ for ‘Energy Sustainability’.

The key features included within the build that impressed the judges were the ground source heating system, water recycling bike wash, heat exchange ventilation system and Bio disc mini treatment plant. Additions to that impressive list are the doubling up of the loft space insulation, energy saving lighting throughout and double glazed windows and doors.

The self proclaimed ‘Centre of Trails’ in the Yorkshire Dales, Dales Bike Centre is situated in Swaledale the most northerly of the Dales’. Stuart and Brenda opened Dales Bike Centre in January 2009 specifically for cyclists with 14 bed accommodation, bike shop and cafe. It also boasts a secure bike store, drying room, laundry and 24hour cake access

Stuart says: “It took us two and half years to get planning permission for the bike centre from the National Park. It’s great to get this award and the recognition from the Yorkshire Dales National Park for the efforts we went to designing and building Dales Bike Centre. Since we opened the support we’ve received from the mountain bike community has been ace and we’re looking forward to another great year next year.”

If you’ve not ridden in the Yorkshire Dales National Park then check out their website www.dalesbikecentre.co.uk and get yourself up there to see what the Dales have to offer…

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  1. And their cakes are lush.

  2. Mike – have to admit there was some coffee and cake consumption when the panel came to judge the Bike Centre, but surely that woudn’t have influenced the judges decision;-)

  3. Good work guys, love seeing low impact buildings for our low impact sport.

    What is a bio disc mini treatment plant?!

  4. It cleans the wee wee and poo from the toilets.

  5. Stopped in there in March (pump fatality) and was well impressed with the set up and cakes – and they were really helpful with route advice needed due to the lingering snow! Will defo be booking a stay up there next year.

    A bio-disc treatment plant is otherwise known as a rotating biological contactor (RBC). Instead of the sewage passing through large aggregate that are covered in bugs, the bugs essentially grow on a corrugated disc that rotates slowly through the sewage as it flows through the tank.

  6. Well Mike that would have been my description

    Topangarider – brilliant look forward to seeing you here again in the new year, Very good response there you’re obviously someone in the know!

  7. Congratulations to Stu and the team at the Dales Bike Centre. We always make sure to pop in for tea, flapjack and a bit of cheeky route advice when we’re riding in the dales!

  8. Yays! Know nothing about the poo bit but the cakes are great and the accommodation nearly as good 😉 Well done, guys, for all your efforts.

  9. Congrats DBC.

    Used the Centre a couple of times for Coffee/Cake, bike hire, forum rides, camping. Facilites are top notch! A couple of friends used it on their C2C walk and gave it a big thumbs up too.

  10. Well deserved if you ask me. Stayed there a couple of years ago. It was great then just need to find time to go back may be try to next year.

  11. Thanks for your kind words guys.

    Awards are great but it’s more important to us that you like what we are doing here, Look forward to seeing more of the STW posse in future.

    Cheers Stu

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