2012 Olympic Mountain Bike Course Video

by singletrackjon 10

On his recent trip to Hadleigh Farm in Essex to have a look at the cross country course for the 2012 Olympics, Chipps made this video run through exclusively for our Premier Users. Although there’s been some controversy over the location and more than enough complaining about the lack of mountains, the course looks like it should provide enough of a challenge to showcase the skill and fitness of the world’s best XC racers to the thousands that will be watching.

Take a look below…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2010/11/ChippsOlympics.m4v” height=”385" width=”640"]

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  1. Looks great, don’t understand why so many people were being so negative on the forum.

  2. Yep, breathe in the Essex air. As long as the prevailing wind isn’t coming from the direction of Canvey Island ;o)

    Looks like it’s shaping up to be a very nice course

  3. I heard there are going to be some test events … will ordinary folk be able to sign up for those?

  4. I’m trying to find out about the test event(s) now. The main idea about them is for the national teams to come over to preview the course before the Olympics, but I’d have thought it would be a good idea to get some public involved. Not sure where everyone’s going to park though…

  5. Looks way better than I thought it would, still reckon the Teletubbies helped design it though.

  6. Two Questions:
    Do we get to ride the course ahead of the Olympics?

    Do we get to keep the course after the Olympics?

  7. I would imagine letting people ride the course before the Olympics would allow it to bed in and take on more of a natural feel, no? Then again, perhaps it’d just get wrecked.

  8. Why have I paid for videos that give very little information to me? Is it pos. to get my money back single track?

    The course looks good for its purpose.

  9. Thanks for being open-minded and objective about the course – good to hear an upbeat message on it.

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