Progressive Bikes Break In

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Thieving scummers have struck again. We’ve just had news from Si at Progressive Bikes, importer of Chumba, Brodie and Canfield amongst others, that their Chesterfield premises were broken into yesterday and a host of complete bikes, frames and parts were stolen. Details below:

“The break in happened sometime yesterday (October 14th) from the premises in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The below bikes were stolen.

Bike 1 – Chumba Racing VF2 medium anodised black with rp23, Fox float 2010 RLC Qr15 forks, full XT group set, Hope hoops with stans 355 rims, Canfield Crampon pedals in black and black Thomson stem and seat post.

Bike 2 – Chumba Racing VF2 small anodised black with rp23, Fox float 2010 RLC Qr15 forks, full slx group set, Hope hoops with stans flow rims, MG1 pedals and silver Thomson stem and black seat post. Images show red bash guard, though now that is a standard SLX guard.

Bike 3 – Chumba Racing VF2 medium painted white with rp23, Fox Vanilla 2010 RLC Qr15 forks, full slx group set, Hope hoops with DT 5.1 rims, and Thomson stem and post.

Bike 4 – Brodie Titanium Holeshot 18″ Fox Vanilla 2010 RLC Qr15 forks, full slx group set, Hope hoops with DT 5.1 rims, and Thomson stem and post.

Medium red VF2 frame

Small red VF2 frame

Front triangle of a blue XCL frame!

Cane creek double barrel shock.

Various sets of Canfield crampon pedals in gold and blue.

If you have any information about the above bikes and break in please contact Simon @

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Comments (16)

    All these thefts are surely organised? I suspect that the various bits will be heading out of the country, but who knows could be a bunch of morons and they’ll all appear on eBay? But I doubt it.

    Sad news Si.

    Hope they gut them like fish!! 🙁

    Sorry to hear the news Si, those bikes look very tasty.

    How nice does that black Chumba Racing VF2 look.

    nice starting to wonder if there is any links there are certainly a lot of top end thefts occurring.i wonder if the police forces are sharing intelligence on these cases.

    sickened – my commis si.

    there does seem to be a hella lot of these thefts going on just now..

    Makes me angry to see lazy swine taking advantage of other peoples hard work – try to not let it get you down Si.


    Si seems like one of the nicer blokes to deal with out there. Hope he gets his stock back unharmed.

    Do you have frame numbers? – maybe STW could keep a list of stolen numbers to make sure no-one buys a ‘s/h’ stolen frame by mistake.

    Last weekend got a call to an industrial estate in the north west, they had got broken into, nicked one load of stuff, done a lot of damage to vehicles, ans stole reasonably niche market stuff, and as they came back for a second load in a stolen van the police caught one of them, so as a warning to all PLEASE upgrade your security, locks cctv, perimiter security etc, it may cost you some money but you will deter them striking you and they may go else where.

    “Brodie Titanium Holeshot 18″”

    That is NICE.

    They aren’t exactly going to be hard to spot though if they appear on the interweb so at least you have a chance of seeing them again unlike some of the more mainstream brands that have been stolen recently. Maybe the same lot that did JE James? Will keep a local-ish eye out for them.

    Sorry to hear that SI. I’m yet to see another Chumba in these parts, they are quite rare so I wonder how the scumbags think they’ll shift them. Maybe new decals to try to pass them off as something else to unknowing punters?

    Something organized is going on no doubt about it, those bikes are gonna stand out where ever they end up. Don’t let the bastards get to you Si, hope you get them all back 🙂

    Ive never seen another Chumba on the trails so will keep an eye out! (Proud Chumba Evo owner from Manchester Mountain Bikers)

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