Mojo Suspension Announce FIT Cartridge Upgrade Program

by Matt Letch 7

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Mojo Suspension is pleased to announce their FIT cartridge upgrade program. Available from November 1st 2010 to February 28th 2011 at a reduced cost*, the FIT program gives riders of the class-leading Fox Forx the opportunity to upgrade their fork to the latest Fox Racing Shox damper technology without the expense of a new fork.

Fox’s Patented FIT (Fox Isolated Technology) damping system was first introduced in the prototype factory 40 RC2 during the 2004 race season. Continually working with Fox sponsored athletes has driven Fox forward with the development of FIT technology claiming countless race victories and 5 World Championships along the way.

In 2010 the latest evolution of the FIT damper was introduced to the 32mm range of Fox Forx in its new inverted guise offering lower unsprung weight, reduced overall fork weight, improved damping consistency and instant lag free lockout.

For 2011 the inverted FIT damper was added to the 36 & 40 forks offering further improvements which include lower unsprung weight and compression adjusters at the top of the leg designed to offer greater on-the-fly compression adjustment.


Includes Full Fork service + inverted FIT damper. Any additional parts will be charged at their usual price.

40 – £299 – Service + Inverted FIT RC2 Damper. Available for all generations of 40
40 Kashima Stanchion Upgrade £179 (when bought as part of the FIT upgrade service) – (2009 – 2010 forks only, Kashima stanchions are not available for pre 2009 40s)

36 – £259 – Service + Inverted FIT RC2 Damper. Available for all generations of 36
Customers with 2011 R model 36 forks can upgrade to the RLC cartridge on Air Forks and RC2 on coil forks.

32 – £199 – Service + Inverted FIT RLC Damper. Available for 2007 onwards 140 & 150mm forks. 2010 onwards only for F-series Forks.

32mm Remote – £239 Remote Lockout FIT RL damper. Available for 2007 onwards 140 & 150mm forks and 2010 onwards F-Series forks.

For details of sending us your fork please visit the service page here

For further details of the Get FIT This Winter program please contact us.

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  1. How would this make my forks better?

  2. FOX in expensive upgrade

    I’m sure they will be wonderful.

  3. I thought FIT was just essentially just swapping around the positions (top to bottom and bottom to top) of the rebound and compression damping cartridges to make them the same way around as rockshox forks? It can’t be that amazing that its worth shelling out £200-300?

  4. So are Mojo saying the old internals aren’t really that good?

    Does the package also include new stanchions?

  5. So can’t upgrade none fit short travel forks then. Great.

  6. I imagine open bath is more reliable, I’ll stay with that thank you very much.


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