Interbike 2010: Niner, Revelate, Voodoo and 661

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Niner Bikes
Let’s start this one off with a look at our pals at Niner Bikes. It’s been a busy year – though not helped by some big delays on the new carbon hardtail, but that’s been sorted and bikes are starting to appear.

Niner has been quick to adapt the flared headtube 'standard', using flared steerer Fox forks and thru-axles to stiffen up the front ends of big wheel bikes.

The RIP 9 - Niner's hardcore hardtail model. Nice beard in the background.

Custom colour Rockshox XX forks on the carbon AIR model.

Twin Six does a great range of 'non-team' riding jerseys for riders with no particular flag to fly.

Revelate Designs

Revelate seat bags (as used by Chipps on his cross-Pyrenees cycle tour) - a light and simple way of strapping your worldly possesions onto your bike.

Eric Parsons shows the improved Revelate seat bag and the Handlebar Harness handlebar roll too.

Lots of straps to keep your sleeping bag/sleeping mat strapped to your handlebars, with a further zipped pocket for maps and gadgets.

New Revelate Tangle bags. They allow a lot of storage space under your top tube, with room left for the water bottle cages on your bike. It's like free space.

Surly had a fine line in obscure Japanese snacks. These were a lot more tasty than they looked.

We saw these really smart looking 661 full face helmets. It's great to see something that isn't the 'distressed punk' that seemingly everyone else is doing.

Left: Hot! Right: Minty!

Voodoo Cycles

We’ve not heard much of Voodoo Cycles recently, but it has been beavering away behind the scenes. Here’s its Zobop full suspension bike, and then a couple of more, er, niche offerings.

Zobop 'Secret Society' indeed.

A smart and modern looking linkage design there.

Everyone has to have a singlespeed road bike these days - here's the Maji.

Top marks to Voodoo for the oddest looking stem in a while. This is to put the drop bar tops in a similar position to flat bars for some of that 'woodsy' riding.

Voodoo Nakasi - run it as a singlespeed, disc 29er, or as a 'cross bike with cantis and gears. It's a super-versatile frame. Now we just need to find out if anyone else shares Voodoo's vision.

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    I like the idea of the Nakasi, but don’t think I could own something that ugly.

    Thats Fuzzy Mylne with the beard in the background of the niner shot. Ace US single speed rider for niner/ergon

    He was easy to confuse with Dejay Birch – another choppered Niner rider

    Deeks the beard on the niner bloke! It gives Ed a run for his money.

    Those 661 lid designs are brilliant.

    the RIP 9 looks nice – for a hybrid, does it work tho?!

    Second the 661 designs on their full face helmets. I’ll never need one but very very striking design.

    As the owner of a Voodoo Wanga I have to wonder what they are up to with that Nakasi. Why put such a mad stem on a frame with a micro head tube? Very strange to me, almost like it was designed by someone who knows nowt about riding a bike.

    Voodoo Zobop is great in the flesh

    That beard is a strap on.

    what is it with bikers and beards??

    Revelate = Epic Designs?

    @ kiwijohn – yes, they had to change the name because Specialized threatened to sue them because the name contained the word “epic”, which they regarded as their brand name. Or something like that.

    That’s stink bro. I’ve borrowed a set of ED bags for a mission & they’re choice as.

    Link to the twin six website. Nice gear!

    hardcore 29er, well i never! *chuckles*

    that’s not a beard, its his hair isn’t it?

    The RIP 9 Hardtail is a concept only at the moment. Niner are accepting feedback on what features riders would like to see in a 29er hardtail.

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