Cycle Show 2010: Brant Richards Interview

by singletrackjon 21

The main man of Shedfire, the irrepressible Mr Brant Richards, chief bike’n’bits sketcher for Nukeproof and Ragley amongst others, dropped by at the show to say hello despite distributor Hotlines having their own show in a different part of London. Jon and Brant talk adjustable seatposts, soon to arrive bouncy Ragleys, the Nukeproof Mega and Brant lets slip some interesting news about the Chain Reaction World Cup DH Team and which brand of bikes they’ll be riding on in 2011…

[stvideo src=”2010/10/CycleshowBrantS.m4v” height=”385″ width=”640″]

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  1. Are you hosting this video over dialup or something? Unwatchable, even after leaving it to download for ten minutes.

  2. The whole site seems to have slowed to crawl, never mind the video!

  3. Taking me a while aswell

  4. Seperate show for Hotline Mmmmm…..

  5. its working now !!!! hooray…(well its working in Todmorden anyway ! where we are stuck in the middle of 3 valleys !

  6. I rode my Octane with a 165mm i2i rear shock and 160mm fork today. It handled, well…. ok in the carpark and down the stairs, uphill was less fun than sex with a broken beer bottle. Good luck, Brant!

  7. Is Brant a second generation Chipps clone?

  8. Really want to see this, but just will not download!

  9. doh…. its not downloading right now (intermitent….i relly wana see ALL this video too ! wayhey Todmorden gets a mention !

  10. Why did you have to go all the way to London to interview him when he lives round the corner?

  11. >Why did you have to go all the way to London to interview him when he lives
    >round the corner?

    A joke between me and Chipps is that we only ever see each other out of the valley. I’m kind of reclusive in a “got loads of kids and I’m dead busy” sort of way. I last saw Matt and Chipps in Germany. I last saw Jonny at Wharncliffe. Todmorden is not like some big love in with me hanging out at their offices drinking coffee all day :-), though I did go to Ed’s house about three days in a row the other week.

  12. Interbike 2011 will be at my house in 2011. See you there.

  13. Christ Brant is a busy man. Granted he is working with Hotlines but that is loads of new stuff

  14. That’s a show I can get behind Ed.

  15. Damn it – flash video and iPad comparability fail 🙁 was it anything interesting?

  16. Video seems fine but soundtrack only on the right channel?

  17. If there’s homemade chips I’ll be at Edterbike 2011

  18. shame ragley sold out top the london elite!

  19. a northerner excited about ‘going on the tube’ how quaint.

  20. Brant’s shattered my illusions about Tod now with that comment. It turns out to be just another busy shit place where people have to work. Damn.

  21. I bags Eds sofa for the 2011 Edterbike show

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